10 Common Items You Should Definitely be Recycling

Recycling is beautiful and something everyone should do as a conservation measure to the environment. Instead of products ending in landfills, you could put them through a recycling process to create other useful items. Many household products can be reused and reinvented. You only need to understand some of the methods of recycling to use.



Here are 10 you common items you should recycle:

1. Crayons



Sometimes crayons break and you are forced to get another to finish your masterpiece. Many people assume that once the crayon breaks, it ceases to be useful, but this is just their perspective, which is largely not true as crayons can be donated to be used in creating new crayons. There are many crayons recycling programs you could join including the Crazy Crayons program that you can be part of.

2. Wine Corks

Many people understand how to recycle wine bottles but leave the corks in the trash. You could recycle the cork to be used for shoes and floors. It could also be turned to an alternative petroleum product. You can find many agencies like ReCork that specialize in the recycling of corks. Of course, you can also reuse it for some crafty repurposing, maybe to make a holiday wreath from wine corks.

3. Recycling e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are also recyclable and you don’t need to throw away yours after you are done using it. Many electronic cigarette parts are recyclable and should be separated before the recycling process. E-cigs are made up of plastic parts, metallic parts, and you will also find batteries that can be removed. Recycle the vaping e-liquid juices bottles with household recycling, and if you have removed the batteries you can talk to Call2Recycle as they offer a program that helps in recycling e-cigarette parts.

4. Keys


recycling keys


You probably have a bunch of keys you no longer use lying in your drawers. These keys can be recycled to create other products and ensure they don’t end in landfills. There are several companies including Keys for Hope that offer to collect keys and submit them to recycling centers. The money made from this exercise is donated, so it’s also a good way to contribute to a positive course.

5. Running shoes

Running shoes will wear out after a period of time. When they get worn out you should not throw them away but look for a way to repurpose them to some other use. This is what Nike encourages people to do under the Reuse-A-Shoe Program. The shoe soles are transformed into a sporting surface like a track, court, or a turf field. Join the program to be one of many people donating their worn shoes for recycling.

6. Motor oil

After changing your car’s oil, you don’t dump the old oil in the woods. It could be used to do something else. While it should not be used in an engine again, the oil can be cleaned and used to make other petroleum products. Talk to your oil change facility to find out if they have a program where you can hand in used oil so it is taken for recycling.

7. Garden Hoses

Just because your garden hose is no longer in good shape does not mean it has to end in the trash. There are many ways you can recycle the hose to put it to other uses. You can borrow ideas for recycling garden hoses on Pinterest as there are many pictures that give you options for recycling. You could even create a chandelier with the hoses.

8. Crocs

Crocs are awesome, but sometimes you will have several pairs that you no longer want to wear. This should not mean the best decision is to throw them away. Recycling is the best thing you could do with the shoes. Let them go, but not to mother nature because they will not decompose. Instead of this, you can send them to a facility that can donate to somebody who needs them.

9. Greetings cards

These are paper products and you might be wondering why there is so much need to recycle them, after all, they are degradable. You could attach another back to the old card to create a fresh note for all occasions. St. Jude’s does this and they sell the cards again. The money raised goes to help children in need.

10. Low-energy light bulbs

Do you have light bulbs that no longer serve the purpose of lighting your home? Then those should be put through a proper recycling process. Ikea accepts the bulbs back, and they have been emphatic on customers to bring to them old CFLI bulbs, which contain glass, metal, plastic, and mercury for proper recycling.

Having old items in your home should not be a burden because these are things that can be recycled and used in the creation of other things. Better still, if the items are in good condition, they can be donated to people who need them. Look for agencies in your area that accept old items to find out if they can take what you have.

Do you recycle or have any good tip that will help people to start recycling – please leave them in the comment section below!!

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