Earth-Friendly Tips for a Truly Organic and Green Bathroom

The green lifestyle is gaining in popularity every single day. People are becoming more open toward accepting this movement and embracing the change with open arms. The Earth-friendly movement found its way into every single aspect of our lives, our homes included.

So, if you want to embrace this trend and welcome it into your home, but are not sure where to start, consider greening up your bathroom. Going green is a process that should be implemented gradually, so starting small is always the best choice. However, if you’re not sure how to proceed, check out these useful tips that will help you turn your bathroom into an eco-friendly personal oasis in no time.

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Throw out everything that’s not organic

In an eco-friendly bathroom, shower curtains, towels, bathrobes and floor mats should all be made of 100% organic materials. If yours are not, they have absolutely no place in your bathroom. Not only are organic products much more durable, but they are also toxin-free.

Vinyl shower curtains contain volatile organic compounds which are known to have a bad effect on our health, so replace them with organic shower curtains. Also, anything touching your skin, like floor mats, bathrobes and especially towels, should not contain any artificial dies, VOCs or any other toxic materials.

Replace your bathroom fixtures

The next step that requires a bit more work should be replacing your bathroom fixtures. A stone bathtub is a much more durable and eco-friendly option than any other; low flow showerheads and faucets waste significantly less water; an eco toilet and bidet suite also wastes less water and some models even come equipped with warm air dryers to maximize your personal hygiene efforts. So, try to find a reliable, well-stocked retailer, such as this Sydney-based bathroom warehouse, and equip your bathroom with all the right fixtures. Another great source for your eco-friendly bathroon is toilet planner where you can get the best reviews and all the information you need to install the most updated bathroom fixtures to be sure your bathroom is truly earth-friendly.

Be mindful

An average person uses around 100 gallons of water per day. However, this number can be significantly reduced if we start paying attention to our actions a bit more. For example, try to turn the water off when brushing your teeth and only turn it back on when you need to rinse.

Next, instead of filling your bathtub every evening, opt for a quick shower – while taking a shower, you waste significantly less water (especially if you have low flow showerheads or aerators) while achieving the same result.

Finally, flushing a toilet after the “number one”, does not require the same amount of water as flushing after “number two”. Also, there’s really no need for flushing if you’ve simply poured a bucket of water you used for cleaning your floors or threw in a napkin you used to blow out your nose. Therefore, start paying attention to your actions a bit more, because that’s what embracing the green mentality is all about.

Swap your current products for organic alternatives

You should replace all your current toiletries with organic shampoo or diy natural hair care products, body lotions and hand-made soaps and here’s why: when taking a bath or having a shower, the water that goes down the drain ends up in the closest body of water. What this means is that all the organisms whose existence depends on that body of water will be compromised.

Moreover, hand-made organic soap bars can also work both as a decoration and an air freshener in your organic bathroom – simply store them in an interesting glass jar or some other similar container to use them as decoration and open the jar to let the beautiful scent fill the room when you need to make the air in your bathroom a bit fresher.

As you can see, designing an Earth-friendly bathroom is not difficult at all and it brings numerous benefits not just for everyone using the bathroom, but for our planet as well!

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