9 Natural Hair Care Tips for Moisturizing and Growing Hair

Having natural hair by using home based ingredients instead of using toxic chemical based products that can actually be more damaging to your hair than nourishing. Natural and healthy hair is quite different to handle because it needs special effort and attention to make hair grow smooth, moist and can be easily detangled. It is not like taking care of straight hair where you can just easily wash your hair and let it dry without encountering problems by mid-day.

Yes salon treatments are expensive and it also destroys your hair in the long run. Doing natural hair care treatments are better than synthetic ones. After all, you should allow your hair to “breathe” and go away with harmful medicines and hair treatments.

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1. Shampoo, Co-wash and Rinse as Needed

Although shampooing may dry your natural hair it is still an important routine because it removes the buildup such as dandruff, dirt and others that tries to penetrate into the shaft. If you need to shampoo though, always choose a sulfate-free product or choose a clarifying shampoo that is organic or truly natural ingredients. There are natural clarifying shampoos which work well to keep your hair natural.” You can even add apple cider or baking soda to the clarifying shampoo to clean the hair well.

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2. Penetrating Hair

Using or natural oils are highly recommended to those with natural hair. Some of the popular oils that can be used are coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, or sometimes castor oil. These natural hair oils prevent damage and also avoid wear and tear as time passes. Another noticeable oil used these days is rosemary oil for hair. Rosemary oil contains Vitamin A and it increases blood circulation to the scalp delivering hair nutrients which is essential in hair follicle growth.

deep conditioning your hair e148e883-4f2f-459f-98da-91673f7294e83. Deep Condition Your Hair  

Deep conditioners are also essential in moisturizing and at the same time keep your hair naturally beautiful.  Organic deep conditioner are available in your local health food store, on-line and many other store that carry health products.

For an inexpensive effective deep DIY hot oil treatment or conditioning put:

  • heat 3-6 tablespoons of pure sweet almond, jojoba, coconut, avocado or olive oil (depending on the length of your hair)
  • add 1-2 drops of lavender, rose or peppermint for a scent.

Wrap your hair with a towel or cap to penetrate the heat and oil into your hair. This is a wonderful home hot oil treatment that will give your hair a nourishing, healthy a natural glow  without the price tag of a salon treatment.

moisturizing your hair c73b2288-44fe-489b-8ae5-3fb651d95d2b4 .Use Water-Based Moisturizer

Water-based moisturizers help in revitalizing the hair and making it shiny and soft. Nutrients are also absorbed when using this kind of moisturizer. Natural hair types are actually dry because there are a lot of twists and bends making the natural oil difficult to penetrate to the follicles. There are different water-based moisturizers available so you won’t have a hard time looking for the best brand for you.  Check the ingredient label and make sure the first or second ingredient is water for a truly good water based moisturizer that will help keep your hair healthy.

5. Protein Treatment

Protein helps hair become stronger so getting a protein treatment could easily avoid hair breakage.  You can get protein treatments every now and depending on your hair type, whether your hair is thick or thin shaft, in a green salon. They would be able to guide you to the best treatment for your hair.

A great DIY protein treatment for your hair can be done with 1-2 eggs. Just beat with a whisk until frothy and apply to clean dry hair, massage into scalp and hair and let set for approximately 30 minutes, rinse and then shampoo. Eggs are packed with protein, sulfur and biotin, that will help you have beautiful shiny hair.

6. Pay Attention to Your Hair’s Moisture

Moisture in every natural hair type is essential. There are days when your hair is moist enough such as when you just had a hair treatment or you added coconut oil in your hair. Of course there might be days it is flat and dry so make sure you add moisturizer to it when necessary.

trim ends of hair e693f47b-50f3-4cdb-b27a-a6afdab6327a7. Trim Split Ends

Trimming split ends may not help grow your hair faster but it avoid damaging your hair. So schedule a salon trip and just have your split ends trimmed.

no sulfates 9857dd8b-c118-43a6-9ec7-e365c985181a8. Say No to Sulfate

Shampoos with sulfate damage your hair and removes the natural oil that is needed for your hair’s moisture. Always look for sulfate-free or organic shampoos to thoroughly clean your hair but leaving moisture behind. Or make your own DIY homemade shampoo with some recipes from the Wellness Mama!

do not towl try eb749f70-7baf-42bc-b899-83a083b7ebf89. Do Not Towel Dry

Microfiber towels are very useful when you want to dry your hair and body quickly after shower. But continuing to use these types of towels when drying your hair damages and rips the hair out. If you want to dry your hair quickly, preferring using, a soft organic cotton towel, old shirt or just simply air-dry your hair.

 These easy tips can be helpful to maintain or grow a smooth and moisturized natural hair. If your want to live a truly green lifestyles using truly natural products that are chemical free is essential for healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle that will be well worth the effort.

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  3. Thanks for sharing these great natural hair care tips for miniaturization and hair growth. I am a big fan of the use of essential rosemary oil. Rosemary oil is excellent for stimulating hair growth and it’s been used for centuries by many cultures. I look for it as a key ingredient in hair care products to ensure my hair and scalp are at optimal health.

    1. HI Luxju,
      Rosemary is a wonderful herb that has so many beneficial uses including keeping your hair and scalp healthy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

  4. I love making my own natural hair care products, too, so thank you for sharing these amazing natural hair Care tricks and tips for moisturizing and growing Hair at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing!

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Thanks for hosting the Healthy Happy Green & Natural blog hop and sharing my post. Have a wonderful week

  5. This blog post is so timely for me, as I just ran out of the latest all natural shampoo I was using, and was thinking of going back to the “no-poo” method with a vinegar rinse. After reading this post, I feel like I am ready to get started on the DIY methods again! I also love your tips on which essential oils to use, and I will definitely be trying out the rosemary oil along with avocado oil soon!

    1. HI Andrea,
      I am glad my tips are useful to you. Essential oils can be so beneficial for the whole body if used properly. I hope the rosemary and avocado oil works well for you. I only use DIY methods on my hair or I shampoo with Dr. Bronner’s castile liquid baby soap which is so gentle but cleansing. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Happy Summer!

  6. Microfiber towels are very useful when you want to dry your hair and body quickly after shower. But continuing to use these types of towels when drying your hair damages and rips the hair out. If you want to dry your hair quickly, preferring using, a soft organic cotton towel, old shirt or just simply air-dry your hair.

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