10 Life Hacks for Students to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Nature

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Everyone knows how stressful and chaotic student life can be. The struggles of finding the perfect balance between your social life, studies and work can be overwhelming. However, we can offer you a few techniques and some advice helping you deal with this complicated task and fully enjoy your time in college and university. It is no secret that sometimes your brain breaks if you do not give it enough time to recharge and reset its system. So our life hacks are aimed at maintaining healthy brain activity and using your full capacity while not overtaxing your mental and physical health. Let’s dive in into the world of brain hacks and multitasking tips: a place where everything is possible, you get enough sleep, every assignment is done on time, and the sun is always shining!

Reorganize your space

The first step towards a brighter mind is a cleaner environment. Get rid of all the trash, and things you do not use. Revise your old papers and homework assignments, putting the ones you do not need in the recycle bin. Cluttered living spaces diffuse your focus and distract from studies and other duties. Life will be much easier once you’ve taken a little time to tidy up–trust us!

reorganize and declutter your space

Write to-do lists

An important first step towards maintaining successful and fruitful activity levels is setting your priorities straight. “Write my research paper cheap”, “Meet with Loren”, “Do laundry” – put it all down there! This way you will be able to control your free time better and manage multiple tasks throughout your day.

Eat right

This hack might sound obvious, but it is certainly not the easiest one to follow. Cut sugar out of your diet as much as possible – it messes with your body in any number of ways. While it may initially give you the energy boost you’re craving, it lasts for a rather short time and then causes fatigue. If you need extra energy for studies or work, we recommend that you drink fresh-squeezed juice or a homemade smoothie, and eat some nuts. Make sure you have a healthy balanced diet.

Exercise your brain

Yes, even this body part needs exercising. Try various mind games, different puzzles, and brain-teasers. They are proven to positively affect your memory and your ability to tackle complicated assignments.

Try meditating

This is an essential tool for boosting your energy levels. Basically, meditation is a technique that allows your brain to cleanse, rest, and rejuvenate. Find a quiet place where you can sits comfortably without disturbances or distraction and meditate. Try to focus on some visual point or particular sound around you, shutting out all else. Whenever you notice that your mind starts to wander, come back to this thought-free spot in your head. Try not to follow any thoughts, and focus on your target. Even short meditation sessions are extremely useful when done on a regular basis.

Get enough sleep

With the wild schedule of college life, it is often quite tough to get in a healthy 7-8 hours of sleep. In reality, this might be one of the most important hacks ever. Sleep deprivation causes numerous physical and mental problems, creating unnecessary obstacles that stand in your way to the harmonious student life. These include troubles with paying attention, concentration, low energy levels and even depression. If you have difficulty falling asleep, try sleep meditation. Turn off all of your digital devices, lie down on your back, and stretch. Rest your hands along your body with palms up, and let your mind wander as you try to come back to feeling at one with your body. You can count your breaths, too; it is more efficient to start counting backward.

Change your routine

This is a great way to avoiding getting stuck in a rut. Change your regular ways of doing things. Try shopping in different places, getting to know new people, or trying new hobbies. Even taking a new way to your classroom might open up some unexpected opportunities and make your day more interesting.


enjoy Nature


Be outside more

Spending some time in nature is good for you on account of numerous different reasons. It can provide more focus for your studies without any common “household” distractions. It is a nice change of scenery. People need to spend some more time in parks and gardens to just reconnect with the slow pace of life in the natural world, and get away from the rat race of city living. It will declutter your mind better than anything else. Adding just a 10 minute meditation to the mix can do you even more good. Bring your friends, and play some fun active games or sports. It will lead to some more balanced brain work – it needs rest too!

Be more physically active

While you might have loads of things to do while seated at your desk, it is very important to take short breaks from time to time. It will literally allow your body and brain to restore their energy stores and thus be more productive. It is a good tip before exams, too – be sure to switch up your activities to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

About the Author:

Susan Wallace is a certified psychologist and personal growth coach. She specializes in individual development strategies and work-related stress disorders. Susan believes in the benefits of meditation and yoga; she has written two books on this topic, and hosts a podcast with daily advice and various health-related themes.

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