How to Beat Your Addiction to Sugar

The first step in resolving sugar addiction — like with any other addiction — is recognizing there’s a problem. Coming to terms with sugar addiction and deciding to beat the cravings and compulsive habits can take multiple attempts, different strategies, and sometimes even medical guidance. Like any other kind of dependency, it requires a treatment plan to overcome the strong urges.

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Replace Sweets

With the rise of obesity and food-related illnesses, there has been an increase in awareness and treatments directed to resolving these issues. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying sweets in moderation, but the habit should be reassessed when it becomes impulsive and begins to intrude on your day-to-day life. It’s no secret that food manufacturers rely on sugar to make foods more appealing and yes, addictive.

There are a lot of tips and tricks to try when you’ve decided to beat your sugar addiction. Once you’ve committed to cutting out sugar, it’s helpful to get rid of the sugary products around your household. Having your favorite sweets within reach makes it harder to avoid them.

It’s important to add new foods into your diet that replaces some chemicals you are missing from sugary foods, which helps to reduce cravings and makes sugar withdrawals easier on your body. This includes eating foods with magnesium and chromium, like avocado, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. Eating protein with your meals can also help ease cravings and leave you feeling satisfied.

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Healthcare Apps

Technology is now helping health professionals promote healthy lifestyles by providing an easy way to keep track of health habits. Healthcare apps have been growing in popularity due to being encouraged by doctors to assist in keeping track of things like heart rate and blood sugar. In addition to apps that monitor a patient’s vitals, there are also apps used to track food and sugar consumption.

Apps like:

  • Sugar-Free Detox for iPhone
  • Sugar Stop Challenge for Android c

These apps can help walk you through the steps of cutting sugar out of your diet. They give you a tangible and timed plan to keep track of, and alternative meal options with which to fill your day.

While you don’t have to cut sugar out completely, studies suggest the best way to get rid of impulsive sugar intake is by quitting the hard stuff cold turkey. Avoiding sugar altogether for a small period of time can rewire your body’s physiological desire for it and get you back to cravings that are satisfied by smaller amounts of sugary foods.

Recovery Options


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If monitoring your sugar intake with apps doesn’t seem to be enough, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor. Having a doctor advise you on how to use healthcare apps, as well as give you additional ideas for how to drop sugar may be the most efficient way to treat your addiction. It’s hard to make big changes and overcome addiction alone, which is why a doctor’s guidance could make the difference between succeeding or not.

Sugar and other food addictions can be a kind of eating disorder that leads to other, more serious illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Working with a doctor or counselor can be helpful in gauging how dangerous your addiction may be, and the steps you should take to resolve it. Therapy and support groups are also available for people who need encouragement from others.

Although sugar addiction does not have the same far-reaching consequences as other kinds of addictions, it is a dependency that a lot of people struggle to overcome. You can try to heal your addiction through moderating the foods you keep near you, as well as by using technology to help you keep track of the foods you’re eating. If this is insufficient in helping balance out your diet, consult your doctor for advice and options. Addiction can be difficult to overcome and it’s important to use all your resources to beat it

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