10 Tips To Design Your Home in an Eco-Friendly Manner

Does your home need some updating or change? You constantly need to redesign your home after some time to give it a more refreshing and new looks. Or maybe you want to shift to a bigger house that can accommodate many your new lifestyle plus needs and you are on a tight budget due to the rising costs of living. If your goal is to cut down on expenses in designing your home, renovating in an eco-friendly manner can be an ideal adventure.


Let’s have a look at some 10 tips for eco-friendly home decorating ideas manner:



  1. Don’t Demolish – Reconstruct

Rather than demolishing your entire house, it is advisable to move around and find everything that can be used in its reconstruction. Definitely there are some rooms and walls that need not to be brought down. This is eco-friendly and will also lower the cost of reconstruction.  It is a good idea to work with a eco-friendly reputable construction company that will reconstruct to your specific needs whether it is redoing your bathroom, kitchen or adding a new addition to your house. There are plenty of materials that can be re-used, including tiles, flooring, cabinets, light fixture and molding just to mention a few.

  1. Site Condition and Orientation

Generally, site condition and orientation are some things you should put into consideration before you design your home. Look for an area that inspires and suits your needs in terms of privacy, lighting, air and water. Align your house on the east-west axis (helpful in setting up solar panels) with windows facing north or south.

  1. Buy Secondhand

There is no need of buying costly materials while you can get reclaimed ones that are still in good conditions. Most materials like reclaimed wood can be decked using eco-friendly home decorating ideas to look fresh and shiny. This will not only save you money but also time and energy required in producing the same and newer product.

  1. Wall Materials

Which walling materials do you want in designing your new house? Select those which can absorb solar heat like fabricated or natural bricks made from sand, cement and lime. They are also fire resistant and hardly absorb water. Alternatively, use ceramics which are easy to maintain and are attractive.

  1. Don’t Discard – Donate

There are certain items you won’t re-use in designing your new home. Rather than discarding them, donate them to consignment shops around or to your friends who can make the best out of them. You can also issue unwanted items to charitable organizations that buy and sell all donations to build homes for the unprivileged. This way, you are not only environmentally friendly, but also helping your community.

  1. Conserve Energy

If you have budgeted on buying new appliances for your house, such as ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers, pick the ones that conserve energy. Check to see that they all have Energy Star Logo to find the information you need. Think of solar appliances for heating your water and lighting because they are eco-friendly save energy.

  1. Cheap Flooring

Going for cheap flooring material is a great idea depending on the function of your room. Some flooring materials to choose from include terrazzo, tiles, marble, parquet, ceramic, wood or bamboo. But if your idea is to be eco-friendly, use laminated bamboo or wood particularly for your bedroom.

  1. Green Roofing

Apart from being cost-effective, green roofing is renowned for its beauty. In addition, it gives extra insulation that helps in cutting down energy consumption in your home. You can use it on your entire roof or in some parts. Don’t forget to harvest rain water which can be used in watering plants, washing clothes and flushing toilets.

  1. Flower and Herb Gardens

Adorning your home with flower and DIY herb gardens is a great idea in giving it a natural and refreshing feel. If you have limited space in your compound, consider erecting flower and herb gardens in the balcony of your apartment. Those with spacious compounds can grow such gardens outside. Don’t forget to attend and water them regularly. Artificial gardens can also work in place natural ones if your goal is to make your home eco-friendly.

  1. Install Solar Panels

Use of solar energy is increasingly becoming popular among those who are planning to remodel their homes. They are renowned in lowering heating bills and protecting you home from short circuits as well as fires. Erect solar panels in your roof facing East and West to ensure that you get enough energy. When roofing your house, make provisions for solar panels if you haven’t.


Your goal is to design your home in an eco-friendly way to benefit the environment and also to cut down your expenses. In so doing, you will also be giving back to your community. With the above 10 tips, you are subject to become an environmental pro when it comes to designing your home.




Author Bio: Vaileria Dennis is a Health and Beauty expert, having 10 years of experience in Beauty industry and providing healthy living tips. She is also passionate about fitness, women’s issues and more. In recent years, she has had an opportunity to learn about Food and Nutrition. She always excited to share her ideas related to beauty tips, healthy food recipes, and diet plans. Join Vaileria on Twitter, Facebook.

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  2. Hi Marla! Great article! One place that we have donated used materials to is the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I think they have locations around the country. It’s also a great place to buy used items for renovations. The proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity, so you’re getting a bargain and helping a good cause at the same time. I’m going to pin this to my eco-living board on Pinterest. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marge,
      Thanks for sharing, stopping by, reading my article, and commenting. I think Habitat for Humanity is a great organization and yes they do have quite a few locations around the country. Have a healthy, happy & blessed weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, reading my article & commenting. Glad you found my ideas helpful. Have a healthy happy & blessed day!

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