Dangers of GMOs and How to Avoid Them


GMO or Genetically Modified Organism has found its way in foods that people eat on a daily basis. Scientists create them in a lab via genetic engineering and change the genetic makeup of the plants in the process. The ingredients found in these plants are harmful pesticides. GMO causes allergies in some people. They affect the immune system, and some of the GMOs are cancerous. Below you will learn facts about GMOs, dangers, and how to avoid them.

  • Foods that Are Genetically Modified

Common foods that people eat are genetically modified.

Such foods include:

Most of these foods have no label on them to indicate that they are modified. The processed foods that people eat contain GMO.

Fresh salad without GMOHow Dangerous is GMO?

The insecticides scientists use in GM foods are quite deadly. One such known substance is called Cry toxin. The intention is to repel insects, but it does harm to the human body. Some of these insecticides share similarities with ricin. Ricin is poisonous which comes from castor beans. A tiny portion of it is deadly when consumed.

Genetically Modified Organisms often resist herbicides. As a result, farmers spray more pesticides on plants. Most soybeans on the market have large quantities of glyphosate (herbicide Roundup). Another form of Roundup herbicide that farmers use is Glufosinate. 80 percent of children tested in Argentina showed Roundup in their bloodstreams. There is a link to Parkinson’s disease and pesticide use.

People who eat an abundance of GM foods develop allergies. Women experience reproductive disorders and digestive problems. Children foster harmful effects such as food allergies and autism. Cows get injected with bovine growth hormones, which affects the milk people consume. Furthermore, there is a link between bovine growth hormone and cancer.

  • How Does Genetically Modified Organisms Affect Pregnancy?

Consuming GM foods while pregnant can weaken the mother’s as well as the unborn child’s immune system. The GM food will also slow down the growth of the fetus. Doctors are concerned about damaged organs, gastrointestinal disorders, and infertility. Some mothers to be use infant adoption option out of fear for their unborn children. They fear the risk of birth defects.

  • Geneticaly Modifies Organisms and Cross-Contamination

One farmer can plant a crop of GMO seeds, and it will affect another farmer’s crop that has non-GMO seeds. The wind can transfer pollen from one plant to the next. Another way non-GMO seeds get contaminated is during storage. If farmers transport the grains in the same wagon, the seeds can get mixed up. The same applies for when they store the seeds. Someone could mix up the seeds and mislabel them.

  • Affect GMO has on the Environment

GM plants have been known to harm birds, insects, marine ecosystems, amphibians, and organisms in the soil. They cause water pollution and deplete natural resources. An example of the damage GM plants has done is that the habitat of monarch butterflies are almost non existent. Studies show that Roundup herbicide has caused birth defects in amphibians. Other reports indicate organ damage and fetal damage in animals.

  • Food Options and Avoiding GMOs

People are more health conscious these days, so they look for ways to avoid GM foods. For example, they use food storage techniques. This option comes in handy during natural disasters such as hurricanes and major flooding. People with large families also take advantage of such option. The foods last a long time, and they are freshly sealed.

Other ways to avoid Genetically Modified Organism’s and live a healthier lifestyle is to:

  • Buy local and certified organic
  • Check labels – look for the non-GMO seal of approval
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Grow your own food
  • Know how to recognize fruit and vegetable labels numbers (check out Avoid-Genetically-Modified-Foods)
  • Use a shopping guide
  • Know your food and the company practices that provides it.

Keep yourself educated, your health and families health could depend on it.

GMO foods pose a danger to humans as well as animals and the environment. The herbicides used on the plants are deadly and sometimes cancerous. GM foods affect the immune system resulting in allergies. Reproductive disorders and digestive problems are some of the challenges GM foods cause. There is a link between Parkinson’s disease and pesticide use. It harms the environment in that it affects birds, insects, marine ecosystems, amphibians, and organisms in the soil. GM plants also cause water pollution and deplete natural resources.


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  3. Thank you for sharing these easy to implement tips for avoiding GMOs. I mostly buy local and organic foods to avoid GMOs. I am so delighted that you shared the dangers of GMO’s and how to avoid them with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! All the best, Deborah

    1. HI Deborah,
      I think it is so important that people understand the dangers of GMO’s and ways to avoid them. I also try to buy organic & local. Have a healthy happy & blessed day!

  4. Thanks for this article. In the U.S. the Senate is on the verge of passing S.2609 which would restrict how GMO’s are labeled in this country. For any of your readers living in the U.S., it is important to contact your Senators this week and tell them to vote against this bill.

    1. HI Nancy,
      Thanks for that information. I have been seeing that information on google and other social networks and have contacted our state senators to vote against it and sharing every article I can. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy happy & blessed week. Marla

  5. I’m not pro GMO at all but I’m not 100% sure that there is evidence for all of this in this article? E.g. pregnancy, allergies are on the increase in the UK in a massive way too and very little GMO is on sale here.

    That said I worry about the lack of genetic diversity in GM crops and the unknown impact that could have on our bodies. I worry that it is a solution with no problem. Non GM crops grow perfectly well and GM tends to be used in developed countries, not countries with massive issues feeding their populations. Although I am a scientist, I therefore err to the side of “no thank you” out of more gut feel than evidence because I *think* it is something we may regret later but I also like evidence based debate on the topic. I worry about some of what is written about GM crops being portrayed as fact when the truth is there is no evidence to support some of the negative claims.

    1. I have links to support all information in the article. Please check. Allergies have been linked to GMO in many studies. Our immune system are affected in many ways from pollution of all types that exist world wide in our waters, air and environment – not only from GMO but they are sure one of the causes. When conventional farming and genetically modified crops are produced the contamination flows every where through time. GMO are in most processed foods and that is part of many people’s daily diets. Fortunately, people are becoming aware of this and more people are buying local and organic. In the US we are pushing for laws so that GM foods be labeled so that people know what they are eating and if there was no danger Monsanto and the other companies that are producing GM foods would not be fighting so hard against it. Cancer, birth defects, allergies, diabetes, just to name a few have dramatically increased since GMO have been used in the last decade or so. Many of the studies that have been done to support GMO’s are usually somehow connected to the companies that are produces GM foods in one way or the other. I disagree with you about that their are no studies to support the dangers their are if you do your research – check out the many documentaries that are out their done my scientist you are extremely concerned – Russian Roulette is one that comes to my mind and there are many more. Thank you for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day.

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