10 Ways to Spend Less on Appliances


save money on appliances

Appliances are a significant expense, especially for new homeowners or renters: Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to decrease these expenses if you buy the smart way. Follow these tips to find energy-efficient appliances that fit into your budget and help you live green.

1. Look for Rebates, Refunds, and Discounts

Appliances are one of the most expensive things that homeowners by with cash – which means that appliance brands are highly motivated to encourage buyers. This leads to frequent discounts and deals, not to mention a great deal of government support. You can take advantage of this in two ways.

  • First, sign up for emails so you get news about any appliance discounts from your favored stores or supplies. One of my favorite places to purchase energy-efficient appliances and save money is by using a Wayfair coupon code from Groupon!
  • Second, take a look at your state website and local energy company website for any news about how you can get rebates or tax refunds by choosing a particular type of appliance. This varies by state (California is particularly noted for such deals) but applies primarily to more sustainable, energy-saving products and we should all be thinking about how to help save our environment.

2. Shop at the Right Times

Deals and mark off’s will be more common around some times of the year than others. The months leading up to Christmas and the weekends around Labor Day and Black Friday, for example, often see large discounts on appliances. Wait until then if possible. If not, try waiting for the nearest holiday – many stores will use any excuse to advertise their latest discounts, and appliances are always a common target.

3. Don’t Choose Features You Don’t Need

This is a trickier tip, because it’s easy to get caught up reading about features you want – or never new existed. But extra features are a slippery slope. You may never use those extra three presets on your washer, but they could cost you several hundred extra dollars. Generally stay away from features you don’t already use with your current appliances. Smart tech, pretty panels, and silver coatings may be nice, but they may not be worth the extra fees. Sometimes these features not only cost more money at the of purchase but they also are not as energy-efficient.

4. Compare Deals and Ask for Price Matching

If you really want to shop for a deal, compare prices between companies. If you find a lower price from a different brand, consider asking for price matching, which many stores offer. Price matching that includes online matches is better, but also more rare.

5. Use Loyalty Programs and Other Reward Options

In addition to advertised discounts, there are many other ways to save on a big appliance purchase. If possible, buy from a brand where you are already part of a loyalty program. At the worst, you’ll earn a lot of points for your rewards program. At the best, you could get a further discount or benefits like free shipping.

6. Pay Attention to Energy Ratings

Energy ratings like a SEER rating on air conditioners will tell you a couple very important things, including how much money you will save over time. Remember, appliances use a lot of energy, and buying a more energy-efficient model will help you recoup your costs in future years and help save our planet from pollution.

7. Check Out Single-Unit Bargains for Flaws, Floor Models, Etc.

Even slight flaws or recent floor models tend to come with their own built-in discounts, despite working just fine. Target these models first to maximize your savings! If you find a scratch or ding on a model, ask for an additional discount before you buy.

8. Don’t Pay Extra for Services You Don’t Need

Pricey services can stack up easily if you aren’t paying attention. Extended warranties? You don’t need them. Extra fees for delivery services? If you have the strength and experience to set up appliances, you should skip them. Read the fine print and avoid any of these unnecessary steps.

9. Sell Your Old Appliances

Recycle your appliance while making a few dollars. Not all old appliances can easily be resold (especially if they’re broken), but if they can be, put them up online. Craigslist and eBay and other sites like Unwanted.com are still easy, effective ways to get at least a little money out of the appliances you are giving up. This can help to reassure that they don’t end up in all ready overloaded landfills.

10. Talk About Financing and Pricing with Sales Reps

Sales reps want to sell to you: “Negotiation” isn’t a great term to use here because it can give the wrong idea about how to get a lower price, but by all means discuss financing and pricing with your sales reps and explain what you can afford. Set a strict limit on your personal budget, and your sales rep should work with you to find an affordable solution, even if they have to drop the price a bit.

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