Guide to Natural Springtime Allergy Relief

springtime allergies
Springtime is when  Nature comes back to life with the blooming of buds and the world seems to come alive with beauty and hope of new beginnings.  For all those that suffer from allergies Springtime is not always such a blessing. Your best defense is educating yourself and knowing how to achieve allergy relief from Nature.
Did you know that not all plants cause allergies? In some plants, only the males produce a lot of allergy-causing pollen.
Many indoor plants are great for filtering toxins out of the air and providing oxygen while other can cause havoc and misery! Having the right plants in your house and growing allergy-safe plants in your garden can be crucial to manage your symptoms if you are a allergy sufferer.
To help you determine what’s triggering your allergies a guide can be extremely useful so you know what to plant for a safer allergy-friendly garden and home.  FTD created a visual guide for the best and worst plants for allergies prone individuals based on the Ogren Plant Allergy Scale. This allergy season you can feel healthier and happier by avoiding plants that are major triggers and are known for their high allergens levels. By following this guide you just might be able to enjoy the beauty of Spring and help you stay healthier all year-long!

24 Best and Worst Plants for Allergies


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  1. I used to have such horrible allergies, but as I cleaned up my diet and healed my gut, seasonal allergies don’t really bother me any more. Thanks for sharing on Let’s Get Real Friday Party.

    1. HI Karen,
      Great to hear! It’s amazing what a good diet healthy diet can do. Glad to be part Lets get Real Fridays. Happy Spring!

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