12 Affordable and Healthy Activities to Combat Stress

Everywhere you look, stress is all around you – whether you are a student up late studying or putting in overtime at work. 3 out of 4 Americans report at least one stress symptom and 45% of Americans report that they lay awake at night due to stress.

Although it’s common to feel stressed, it’s important not to dismiss your feelings of stress as just a life requirement. You should be actively trying to combat your feelings of stress and anxiety. Stress can have serious implications on your health including reducing your lifespan. It can also negatively affect your mood and your wallet.

Finding ways to reduce stress is a key ingredient to living a happy, healthy life. Avoiding stress doesn’t have to break the bank, either. You can make yourself feel better for free with a few simple activities such as spending a few minutes laughing, phoning a friend, or practicing some yoga breathing exercises.

It is so important to find healthy and  natural alternative solutions to reduce your stress to live a full and healthy life.Stress affects your whole body. Your body mind and spirit can not be completely healthy or can you find total health and well-being when stress is controlling  your life.

We’ve compiled this list from Turbo to put you on the fast-track to a happier, healthier you – and the best part is, all of these activities are free!

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12 Activities to Combat Stress That Won

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