6 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Marijuana Medicating Patients

Marijuana has reached greater heights (no pun intended) and have gone a long way from since it became classified as an illegal substance. Today, marijuana is now widely used as a form of medication, helping thousands of patients cope up with numerous medical conditions. If you have a medical marijuana user in your life celebrating a birthday, here are some of the best products on the market that you can give as a gift.

1. Magical Butter Machine

The Magical Butter Machine is the perfect gift idea for the medical marijuana patient who loves edibles. The Magical Butter Machine comes with all the essentials one will need to start cooking. Like gloves, a strainer or a filter, as well as a cook book with several easy to make recipes to help you get started.

This product makes restaurant quality butter at the push of a button. The Magical Butter Machine does everything and will help your medical marijuana consumer grind, heat, stir, and even steep your materials to make high-quality infused butter. Because the Magical Butter Machine lets you create your own butter, you can make it as strong and as potent as you want it or as subtle as it needs to be. Depending on your requirement for medication, you can always adjust the potency of your butter mixture. The Magical Butter machine is the ideal gift for the kitchen wizard medical marijuana patient in your life.

2. 420 Science RezBlock

The 420 Science RezBlock is another gift idea for medical marijuana birthday celebrants. Medical marijuana consumers often use water pipes or bongs to smoke select strains that they use to help them cope up or deal with their medical condition. Water pipes are beneficial for patients who prefer to smoke marijuana because the water in the bong actively sifts and purifies the smoke out of any impurities and irritants. While the water effectively cleans the smoke, it keeps the dirt in the water which then causes residue and buildup in the water and in the water pipe. This can be a pain to clean, the 420 Science RezBlock works as an additive to help reduce the buildup in the water and in the water pipe.

The 420 Science RezBlock is made from natural fruit and vegetable extracts so it won’t cause any harm or damage to the medical marijuana patient. It will add color to the water but it will not affect the taste of the smoke.

3. Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter

The Budder Cutter from Dr. Dabber is a tool that can cut, heat, and load concentrates into your favorite vaporizer. It’s the perfect gift for medical marijuana consumers that like to use concentrates to help keep them medicated. The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter uses the iconic Dr. Dabber Ghost battery and comes with a wide variety of attachments that will help your medical marijuana patient with cutting and preparing their select wax concentrates. Be it shatter, wax, or crumble, the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter will do the trick.

The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter uses a calibrated heating component to avoid overheating. The heating time is also minimized which ensures the ideal loading and cutting temperature. For medicating patients who like to use wax pen vaporizers, the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter will help them conserve battery since the concentrates will be softened and almost primed and ready for vaporization since the tip of each attachment effectively transfers and acts as a catalyst of heat. This multi-purpose tool can help medical consumers achieve a better cutting and loading experience without the fear of burning or vaporizing their select wax concentrates.

4. Ooze Rolling Tray

Want to help your medical marijuana patient with conserving their loose-leaf materials? How about helping them roll their joints better? The Ooze Rolling Tray is the ideal gift should you want to surprise them on their birthday.

The Ooze Rolling Tray helps them keep their herbs and botanical blends in one place helping them avoid unnecessary mess and wastage when rolling their medical plant matter. The Ooze Rolling Tray also helps them with keeping their medical marijuana safe and clean, away from dirt and filth that may get in the herbs. You don’t want them inhaling vapor or smoke from contaminated materials, right? Buying them an Ooze Rolling Tray gives them a layer of protection that they can use to help keep their materials during preparation.

5. Space Case Container

Speaking of cleanliness and safety, why not give you loved one a Space Case Container for their birthday? This high-grade canister will help medical marijuana consumers keep their herbs clean and free from contamination and other harmful bacteria. This is perfect especially when they want to save up on materials – the ideal gift item for those who consume medical marijuana in small amounts.

They can also use the Space Case Container as a canister to keep their botanicals when they travel, it’s never safe to just put dry herb strains in a plastic bag during the upkeep. Make sure they have a safe place to keep their medication with the Space Case Container.

6. Phoenician Grinders

Do you want to spoil the birthday celebrant? Why not give them a treat with a Phoenician Grinder? This premium herb grinder is made from high-quality materials which ensures safety and optimum grinding performance.
One of the best-selling products from Phoenician Grinders is the Phoenician 4-piece set. It’s got a built-in ash tray and features a secure magnetic lid. This product is proudly made in the USA and is made from aerospace grade aluminum.

It comes with a pollen pick which can be used to scoop up kief from the ground herbs. It packs sharp teeth that effectively mills the herbs to the perfect consistency. We’re sure they’ll never want to use any other herb grinder when they use a Phoenician Grinder.

Final Thoughts
So, there we have it. A list of great gift Ideas for medical marijuana patients that you can give them on their birthday. For a wide collection of products for your favorite medical marijuana patient, follow this link: https://www.vapeactive.com/collections/kandypens.

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