How Does CBD Relieve Anxiety?

Anxiety is not a pleasant experience to have, but that doesn’t mean we can avoid anxiety-related symptoms.

When we experience anxiety, our bodies are responding to an event or emotion that’s currently happening. For example, if you or a loved one is fearful, worried, or unsafe, you may start to experience anxiety. Often, our response to anxiety can motivate us to work towards reducing that anxiety – whether it be work harder to get a job done, communicate better to avoid fights, or exit an establishment to feel more comfortable. On the other hand, there are still times where we cannot respond positively to anxiety, and that’s when we’ll need that extra push to relieve our anxiety.

That brings the question forward: “What can we do to alleviate our anxiety?”

Well, we could go directly to a doctor’s office or a veterinarian’s office (when talking about our pets) to ask for a prescribed treatment method.

That’s not the route we should take, though.

Instead, there’s now a natural treatment method you can partake of: CBD oil.

The studies have been conducted, the research has been done, and the results are here. CBD oil has proven, time and time again, that it can reduce symptoms associated with anxiety disorders. In fact, some studies show that CBD effects how the brain responds to anxiety. Let’s dig deeper on this subject matter.

Brazilian studies and their results have been released over the years, and according to the scientists that conducted the tests, CBD oil is proven to calm the brain down.

Anxious participants were asked to volunteer themselves up while feeling anxiety-related symptoms. Once the symptoms began, the volunteer would consume a specific amount of CBD, and then he or she would be asked to sit down for a few minutes to see if anything changed. All participants claimed that the CBD made them calmer – with the anxiety subsiding quickly. To further the scientists’ claim, they had researchers perform brain scans, all of which showed cerebral blood patterns that were normal, with no anxiety induced symptoms visible.

All in all, CBD oil and products helps reduce anxiety-related symptoms by helping the brain calm down.

But is that enough to win people over?

How does CBD work throughout the body chemically?

Well, that’s an easy question. Once CBD is making its way around the body, it starts to produce serotonin in the brain. Yes, the CBD finds its way to the area of the body that it’s needed (e.g., calms inflammation, soothes pain, etc.), but it also makes its way to the control center – the brain.

Once it’s absorbed through the brain, it releases an excess of serotonin, calming your body, your muscles, and your mind. Serotonin is naturally produced in the brain – the ‘feel good’ chemical – but sometimes, enough is not produced. That’s where CBD comes in and gives it that extra push it needs to regulate correctly.

So, if CBD can help calm the brain, reduce anxiety, and produce much-needed serotonin, why not give it a try?

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7 thoughts on “How Does CBD Relieve Anxiety?”

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  2. ufuomajesegineyahoocouk

    The hype on CBD is so much now! I need to find out for myself how effective it is! Thanks for sharing this info, Marla!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      You are correct about that – there is a lot of hype on CBD. It is a beneficial product but you do have to be careful what you buy. There are a lot of snake oils out so I would suggest that before purchasing anything you check the product and do your research. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed weekend.

      1. ufuomajesegineyahoocouk

        I will do that Marla. Thanks for the heads up and thanks for the love on my blog! Have a beautiful week!

        1. Hi Jennifer,
          This infographic I had posted a while back might help you in your research —
          There are so many different brands and some are good others are pure junk. There is one brand I know that is good – it is expensive but the cheap stuff usually cheap for a reason because it is junk – it is called Thrival CBD made by Leef and you can buy it on line – this one was recommended to me by a pharamacists and he said that it is the only brand that he had tried that he would sell or use himself. There are also other good brands, but check them out thoroughly. Have a great day. Marla

  3. Excellent post! I’m starting to feature more alternative therapies on my blog, CBD being one of them. I’m a strong believer in the stuff!

    1. HI Nyxie,
      I am so glad you liked my article. CBD and Cannabis are great tools for stress – I use it myself for stress and anxiety among other health conditions. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day.

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