Lessons Learned from Colorado

Many Countries around the world are keeping an eye on the outcomes of legalization in Colorado. The reason is that Legalization is affecting the lives of citizens in so many different ways.

The tax revenue from Cannabis have brought $226 million in the state. This money can be used to improve the lives of citizens. The legal changes that Amendment 64 brought make cannabis fully legal for recreational use within the borders of the state.

Under some specific conditions, patients who use Cannabis for medical reasons for a couple of years are given permission to own two ounces of Cannabis, while those who use cannabis for recreational purposes now have the ability to own an amount of cannabis up to ounce and have the right to travel with it. Moreover, people have the right to offer as a gift cannabis of about one ounce to adults above 21 years, and can grow their own plants. People now have the possibility to enjoy their Cannabis using Dab Rigs or other of consumption.

Please note that as each state has its own Jurisdiction, anyone who visits Colorado is free to use cannabis but in other states most probably this would not be the case. Cannabis is considered an illegal drug at a Federal level so the possession of any form of Cannabis could mean a criminal offense.

The Advantages of Legalization

Colorado has led the way for the global and federal government and all other states. Colorado has shown that legalization policies can be implemented in a successful way and that the amount of taxes collected from the regulated distribution of cannabis can be beneficial for the local  societies. The numbers show that, because cannabis is heavily taxed it can easily offer the money that are needed to build hospitals and schools and other important public infrastructures.

Among the several advantages from legalization is that the legal cannabis industry resulted to the creation of a whole range of new working positions – the unemployment rates are dropping. Additionally the rate of crime is also dropping as the illegal market is now slowly shrinking.

Another consequence of Legalization is decrease of resources used to fight Cannabis. The number or persons that go to jail for Cannabis related offenses are lower and that saves a lot of money and time in several ways. Law enforcement can focus on other critical issues. Another advantage is that the Cannabis related tourism are increasing.

Legalization is beneficial to the people, in many other ways also. The black market is facing difficulties in surviving-as the competition now works in favor of the State now. It is obvious that once the supply and distribution of legal cannabis is increased and controlled, the consumers do not have to worry about purchasing and using cannabis risking their freedom.
Cannabis regulation improves Public safety.

As a result of the regulation the overall product quality is drastically improved. The sales are controlled and the cultivation is kept tracked with high technologies and the Cannabis compounds are also controlled. The Pesticides are reduced and be controlled-consumers have more information on the product they buy, and that means the can choose what fits better to their preferences.

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