3 Creative Ways to Grow Your Own Organic Food

Organic gardening and growing you food is one of the healthiest ways to eat. It is has so many benefits to you and your family. You can grow what you choose, how you choose, the foods that your family eats and likes the most. Having your own garden is very frugal, your being self-reliant and self-sufficient, you are more aware of what you are eating, and you are saving your self money.

You don’t have to have a lot of land or a big yard. You can grow your own food in pots or in make a mini garden in a container on your balcony.  If you live in an apartment check out some great tips for a successful patio garden.  Why not try container gardening if you have a limited or small space and vertical gardening is also a great choice for anyone with a small or limited area to plant a garden.  You just need to learn to be creative and use your space wisely.

Creative ways to grow your own food

A few creative ways to grow your own food if you have limited spaces:

  • Vertical gardening — There are lots of produce you can grow with vertical gardens that require very little space.  Vegetables like peas, squash, pole beans and cucumbers will grow very well in a vertical garden and you will be able to grow a lot of produce.  Since these vegetables are normally trail on the ground they work great. You just have to train them to grow on a some type of trellis whether it be a fence or wall. You can even make your own trellis with scrap wood. If you don’t have any of your try going to a lumber yard and many times they will give you scrap wood for free they just burn or put in a chopper. If you just  smaller vegetable plants, old gutters attached to a wall or fence provide a growing location that doesn’t take up yard space.
  • Container Gardening — If you live in an apartment or a very limited space container gardening is idea.  You can use old flower pots that you might have lying around, check out yard sales for some cheap pots, or even ask some of your family or neighbors if they have some lying around they aren’t using.  Container gardening is idea for apartment balcony and it works well in an townhouses where yard space is very limited.  Another idea that works for container garden is using window boxes, or you can even try upcycling with old plastic tote bags and punching holes in them.  Old steel strainers work great for smaller plants as long as there is enough room for the plant to root and grow.  You even grow plants indoor if you have no place outdoors especially herbs grow very well indoors on a window sill. Just make they get enough of sunlight to grow and thrive.

Community garden ways to grow your own food

  • Community and Collective Gardening — If you don’t have a community garden in your area – start one!  Maybe there is vacant lot somewhere in your area that no one is using. Check with your town or municipal authorities and see if you can rent space with other community members. Another great way to  have a community garden is by sharing space if one of your neighbors has a large area that would be willing to allow you and other community members to start a collaboration of a group garden and make a deal that you will share your produce as a group. Community gardens are good for your neighborhood because it can bring people together to build friendships and share ideas. Some of your neighbors might have a lot more knowledge about gardening that can help everyone. For instead one seasoned gardener might be able to teach you methods of no till gardening.  Make sure that the whole family is involved including your kids because it can be a great learning experience. Community and collective gardening can help build life long relationship and strengthen your whole community.

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  3. My Dad used to have an allotment that he would do his gardening in. I think there was a big community spirit down there, and everyone would share tips, plants, and so on to help each other out.

    These days you can probably get a similar feeling of community from online groups as allotments aren’t so common. Whatever gets people into gardening 🙂

    1. Hi Kevin,
      People now have in many areas – community gardens that they all share space and produce. It works out very well for many people who don’t have the space and want their own garden. Thank you stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day.

    1. Yes that is so true. Gardening can be done in so many different ways, sizes and shapes. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed!

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