Quick Tips for a Successful Patio or Apartment Garden

patio and apartment organic gardening

You are an absolute garden lover but you lack the suitable place or area? No problem? Limited space doesn’t necessarily mean limited ideas. You don’t need a huge backyard to create a stunning landscape. You can turn your balcony into unique, intimate and manageable garden in no time. The quick and easy gardening projects will work great even in the smallest patio.

Weather Matters

Before starting to dream about all the herbs and flowers you are planning to plant, you need to take into account your local climate conditions. You need to get greenery that fits the local weather and the microenvironment of your own home. Does your patio or balcony receive enough sunlight? Is your outdoors place windy or constantly shady? These questions will help you narrow down the choice of greenery.

Think Ahead

Now as you have some idea what you will plant, you should think where you will plant. Make a plan even if you have only a tiny balcony. Create and efficient and coherent gardening system. Container boxes are the most common choice. Keep in mind, that you should ensure enough space for the greenery’s roots. If you have enough space, you can use large containers in which you can grow vegetables such as tomatoes and beans. Pots are another option. Pick cauldrons, made of porous material for better drainage.

vertical garden shoe rackGo Vertical

Make the most of your patio or balcony by incorporating every free space. Having an ugly wall? Cover it with herbs. This method is both practical and aesthetics. Use canning jars mounted to the wall. Another way to create vertical garden is by hanging a riddling rack and making holes for the herbs. If you don’t have in hand a wine rack, you can replace it with a cheap hanging shoe organizer. You can invest in an outdoor living wall planter. It’s up to you. The downside is that not all plants are appropriate for this vertical set up. Greenery that requires a lot of drainage such as strawberries is suitable for your edible wall.


Mix it Up

Approach your apartment gardening the same as you would deal with a landscaping on actual land. Bring some variety in your garden by combining annuals and perennials. You will not only enjoy richer and more beautiful garden, but you will also fostering the healthy state of your patio. You will take advantage of fresh herbs and summertime flowers during the warmer months, while in the winter you will have your perennials. According to the basic organic gardening principles, the diversity will help eliminate some of the pests. For example, some plants like mints and dandelions will attract the natural enemies of dreaded aphids.

Focus on the Soil

This is a vital component of your gardening. Get a potting soil that is suitable for the greenery you will plant. If you want a completely organic garden, avoid synthetic fertilizers. You can replace them with mulch and compost that you made yourself. Use the food scraps and leftovers from your kitchen. They are rich of nutrients, without containing volatile elements.

Remember that the secret to every success is love and dedication.

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