5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly, Healthy, and Festive Easter

Easter is a day that is all about renewal and the promise of new life, but ironically it is not one of the “greener” holidays. From plastic eggs and fake Easter grass to artificial dyes used to color dozens of boiled eggs, Easter could definitely use an eco-friendly makeover. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to green up Easter Sunday and the many fun traditions that accompany the big day.

Eco-Friendly and healthy Easter

1. Make Your Own Egg Dyes

Instead of those fizzy tablets you mix with vinegar, it’s fun and easy to make your own plant-based natural dyes for coloring eggs. Care2.com has a helpful list of common food items that can help create a rainbow of Easter eggs.

  • If you boil red onion skins along with the eggs, you’ll be rewarded with naturally red shells.
  • For yellow eggs, boil them along with carrot tops or celery seed.
  • For tan, dip them in a mug of cooled strong coffee.
  • To create a lovely lavender, mix grape juice with water and let the eggs sit in the mixture until they are the perfect shade of purple.
  • Used the liquid from canned beets for a lovely fuchsia color.
  • Canned blueberries for blue.
  • Spinach for green. Try tossing spinach in some boiling water, it will create many shades of green. As an extra bonus you can serve the spinach with your Easter ham.

2. Use Shredded Paper to Line Baskets

When putting together Easter baskets for the kids, instead of using plastic “grass” that will ultimately end up in the landfill, it’s easy and eco-friendly to make your own. As Martha Stewart notes, all that you need are some pieces of colored paper or scraps of wrapping paper and a shredder. Simply run the paper through the shredder and use piles of the little pieces to line baskets; when the festivities are over, you can toss the shreds into the recycling can. As a bonus, recycled paper Easter grass is also pet friendly. Some animals have a propensity for getting into the plastic grass, which can cause tummy upset and even internal bleeding.

Eco Friendly Easter

3. Go Organic with the Chocolate Bunny and make your own DIY Homemade Easter treats

No Easter would be complete without a chocolate bunny or two. This Easter, instead of purchasing whatever is on sale at the grocery store, consider an organic milk chocolate bunny made from fair trade and 100 percent organic ingredients. Lake Champlain Chocolates sells an adorable and delicious 3.75 oz. organic chocolate bunny for $13 that would be right at home in any Easter basket. All of the ingredients made to create the adorable bunny are certified USDA organic. Check out local health food store, they usually will have alternative Easter treats that are healthy and/or organic that your kids will love.

Make your own DIY healthy Easter treats   that are made from real food without toxic chemicals and additives.  One of my personal favorite DIY homemade healthy treats is Avocado Grasshoppers – I can guarantee if you try this delicious recipe, you wouldn’t be disappointed.  Check out some other great homemade Easter treats!  Your child will love helping to make these tasty treats and your will feel good knowing that they are not eating chemically laden toxic candies that can have dangerous health consequences.

4. Decorate with Socially Responsible Blossoms

When decorating your table for Easter brunch, consider purchasing your floral centerpiece from a company that supports human rights, fair labor standards and eco-friendly growing practices. For example, FTD features a beautiful selection of Easter bouquets and arrangements that can be delivered right to your home, and as a major plus, the company is committed to using fair-trade flowers when possible. In addition, FTD has written promises from its growers and suppliers that they value human rights and ensure fair and safe labor practices for their workers.

5. Give Eco-friendly Gifts

Instead of filling Easter baskets with plastic eggs and trinkets that will end up under the couch within minutes, consider adding Earth-friendly and fun gifts the kiddos are sure to enjoy.

Make sure that you make the greenest and healthiest choices you can for your child and family this Easter.

I wish you all a healthy happy Easter and fun-filled day! If you have some great ideas on how to make Easter greener and healthier – Please share them in the comments!

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  2. We do not do much to celebrate Easter but I do like the idea of egg dying so may well give that a go. I will also do an Easter Egg hunt for the children staying in our holiday home and I have found some eggs packaged without any plastic. #GoingGreen

    1. HI Rosie,
      We don’t do much for Easter either in the last 2 years but I do put up some Spring Easter decorations. Thanks for stopping by and reading my article. Have a healthy, happy & blessed Easter!

    1. Hope you have fun coloring your Easter eggs. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

  3. Terrific suggestions, Marla. I especially like the suggestion for Fair Trade Certified floral centerpieces. My go-to for that, which ships anywhere in the country, is CaliforniaOrganicFlowersdotCom, which ships seasonal flowers by air so they arrive fresh and beautiful next day. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, except as a customer. They’re a mom and pop farm, preserving the soil, protecting our air and water, and growing good things.

    Thanks for all the ideas. The dyes are especially fun, and something of a science project the children might enjoy as well.

    1. Hi Kathyrn,
      So glad you liked my suggestion and thanks for the tips on the flower shop. Occasionally I need to send flowers and I sure would rather go with a small company that I know if preserving our planet. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy happy blessed weekend! Marla

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  5. Hi Marla,
    I love these ideas! Who can resist these healthier, greener ways to celebrate Easter? Thank you for sharing “5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly, Healthy, and Festive Easter” with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I’m pinning and sharing!

  6. Great ideas, Marla! Thanks so much for sharing my Avocado Grasshopper Bars! 🙂

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