4 Intelligent Uses Of Scrap Metal To Reduce Waste Generation!

Do you believe in a circular economy?

Are you an environmentalist?

Do you wish to reduce waste generation and save the environment?

Circular economy is a type of economy, which encourages the production of such products which can later be dismantled and reassembled into a different product, once the usability of the original product is diminished. It not only encourages reuse, but also promotes intelligent production and efficient recycling.

Scrap metal is considered to be one of the best materials for a circular economy because it is largely produced and can be extremely useful for products of various industries.

Recycle to Improve

The following are some of the common uses of scrap metals in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and other areas:

  1. Home Furnishing


Metal furniture can be made from recycled metal. It will not just be durable and strong, but can also be beautified and artistic. Such kind of a furniture will not just enhance the beauty of your place, but also contribute towards environment conservation. Furniture like tables, benches, and lamps etcetera can be designed in such a way that it just amplifies the beauty of the place, simultaneously being useful & durable.

  1. Stronger Metal Products

Electric arc furnace is a process via which scrap metal can be turned into high quality tools for general usage.

  • Stainless steel is one of the popular products which can be produced with it.
  • Blast and reverberator processes are used to turn copper scraps into something useful and strong.
  • Aluminum scrap can also be made useful by melting it at low temperatures (lower than that for virgin aluminum), avoiding to use huge amounts of energy, to produce useful products.

Recycling metals:

  • Saves energy
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • It protects the environment
  • Reduces the costs in manufacturing processes
  • Reduces the overall cost of the produc.

A win-win situation for all.

  1. Industrial Uses

Iron scraps and aluminum scraps are extremely useful in the construction industry for the construction of roads and bridges. It can also be used in the transportation industry for the manufacturing of aircrafts, automobiles and many other modes of transportation. One of the most recent use of scrap metal is detoxifying industrial wastewater. Containers of different sizes are also manufactured with the help of scrap metal. It is widely used to manufacture many appliances. All these uses of scrap metal helps, both the environment and you because it reduces the mining of natural resources and is extremely cheap, reducing your cost for raw materials.

  1. Artistic Uses

If you have an artistic mind, then scrap metal can be something you can play with. Nowadays, scrap metal is widely used by artists to make sculptures and has revolutionized the art industry. The creative minds can make some extremely beauty sculptures with a pile of scrap metal and can sell it for a fortune. There is no end to creativity and it shall always be encouraged, especially when it can be benefit the environment along with it.

Need to Recycle

The environment is deteriorating at an extremely fast pace due to various industrial activities and waste generation. It is high time to intelligently generate waste and reduce the amount that manifolds.

It is extremely needed because there will come a point where it will question our survival, if the amount of waste that is generated right now, stays the same or increases in the coming years.

Save the environment and our planet in every way you can including recycling. This is just a small step towards conservation. If you take one small step daily  and others follow it can make a huge difference and save the environment and planet that is our home and children’s future.

Do you have any ideas on creative ways to recycle?

If so please leave them in the comment section and please share this article! 

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