Cozying Up Your Home for Autumn The Healthy Way!


You will notice as the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, you and the family will be spending more and more time inside.

Your living room chairs and sofas need to be ready and cosy for the autumn, and what’s cosier than a brand-new set of pillows for your living room?!

Invest in a range of pillows; some big, some small, some round, some square, some plain, and some with patterns. Comfortable accessories make your living room more inviting and visually interesting, plus they’ll radiate a warm tone into the room – perfect for autumn!

Paired with a warm blanket, pillows are the ultimate snuggle buddy – whether you’re watching a film or paying the bills. You could even think about buying huge pillows for the floor.

Fresh Throws and Blankets

I’m guessing your throws and blankets have been stored away since the end of last winter; run them through the washing machine once or twice before adding them back into decor.

A hand-woven, plush throw adds a delicate texture and natural warmth to your living room – especially when added to a plain and simple sofa.

Introduce an extra layer or two to your bed for the autumn and winter months, too. Place a decorative seasonal throw across the foot of your bed to further enhance the snug feeling of the room.

Comfy Rugs

Your toes will be the first to realize winter is coming as the weather gets progressively colder; the first steps onto your cold tiles in the morning will feel like icicles shooting up your leg!

We all dread the combination of a cold floor and bare feet, which is why so many of us choose to place large comfortable rugs in well-traveled spots in our homes.

Carpets made from natural fibers like wool, jute, coir, and sisal are the better option; they enhance the natural, organic feel of your living space while eradicating any toxic fumes that may be emitted from artificial carpets, rugs and flooring.

Whether you live in a cramped or spacious area, a rug is never a bad idea in winter. A wall-to-wall rug in a small room can make it look bigger, and for the larger rooms, rugs are a great divider of space.

Don’t just lay one rug, though, layer your area rugs to add some extra colour and texture to your floors. The extra layer will provide even more warmth and cushioning to ensure your feet avoid the freezing cold tiles underneath.

For the best aesthetic purpose, find two different rugs and allow the bottom rug to poke out under the top one to show off the layering effect.

Prepare and Freshen Up the Fireplace

By now, your fireplace is probably quite dusty – unless you’ve experienced cold weather all year – so it needs a bit of freshening up.

Be one step ahead of the cool autumn nights by contacting a contractor to check for any hazards like gas leaks or unusual smells. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, makes sure it’s been thoroughly checked and professionally cleaned before you light your first flame.

A crackling fire naturally draws people to it; not only will it physically heat the room, but it’ll aesthetically warm it, too. Rearrange your furniture so your main area of relaxation can be around the fire and accommodate it with extra seating.

Replace Your Summer Shades for Autumn Curtains

Breezy curtains and light shades are perfect for the summer months, but they’re not quite what we’re looking for when autumn arrives.

As the cooler air approaches, replace your light and airy shades for a heavier more insulating alternative window treatments that will save you energy and money.

Large and heavy curtains are brilliant for the colder months, choose autumn colored drapes that drag an inch or two along the floor to keep out drafts, heighten the coziness, and emit a vibrant, natural warmth into the room.



Colder weather comes hand-in-hand with shorter days. Before we know it, we’ll forget about what real daylight feels like until spring rolls around again.

Use the early nightfall to your advantage and embrace the prolonged darkness with candles. The candled ambience around your home can relieve stress and anxiety after a stressful day at work, as well as save money on your electricity bill. Make sure you use natural non-toxic beeswax candles that are so much healthier than heavily scented candles loaded with toxic chemicals. Before you light that candle make sure you know what is in the candle!

A much healthier alternative for your home is large thick candle surrounded by cinnamon sticks will fill your room with a subtle autumn scent – a recipe for relaxation after a long day.

Why not try battery operated candles? Use these instead of lights for a nice, relaxing autumn glow in your home without the fear of starting a fire or ever having to worry about them going out!

Bring in the Heavy Duvet


The summer quilt has had its time, but the heavy duvet is needed once more.

To save a bit of money on heating bills during the winter months, lower the thermostat while you’re away or sleeping. Jump into bed and wrap yourself up in a thick comfortable duvet with as many blankets as you like to ensure you’re warm at night and your bills aren’t through the roof.

Lay a few more pillow pairs on your bed to add even more comfort to your night, plus decorate the room with a more seasonal theme.

The color of your bed will affect how inviting it is, too. Use complementary colors of brown, yellow, and orange for your pillow covers and bedding to add a touch of nature and augment the inviting warmth of your room.

Have a healthy and happy Autumn! 

Do you have any suggestions that will help you get your home ready for colder weather?

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