5 Food Tips for Camping and Hiking

It doesn’t matter whether one has a two-day excursion or a month-long hike, they are going to need food with protein and healthy food to keep them going. It’s important to choose foods that maintain your energy and also assist in recovery. A combination of both of these factors will have you sailing through any hikes and physically challenging times.

Let’s take a look at 5 food tips.

1. Strategy is important

First and foremost, it’s crucial that one’s nutritional needs are both met – increased for hikes, increasing the number of calories. One needs to come up with a framework to use for food ideas, based on the intensity and length of their trip. Make sure you plan fluid intake. Think about how much time you will be camping, the equipment you will take plus how you’re going to eat and drink along the way.

2. Hydration

It is vital that one takes as much fluid as they can as dehydration can take lives. Do make sure you have a pre-hydration routine before you embark on a hike. As a rule of thumb, thinking no less than 3 cups of water will help you lessen the weight of water you need to carry. Once your hiking, take around 2 cups of water per hour.

3. Food safety

Even though once journey may be short, food safety measures need to be taken. One will need to make sure they keep their perishable foods out of the hot temperature. Take some cooling boxes, appropriate cooking equipment, hand sanitizing wipes and water purification tablets for emergencies. Even some basic cutlery like a healthy eating plate, knife and fork will be very beneficial. Keep up hygiene from the time you start packing to the day you leave.

4. Packing correct amounts of food

Before leaving, one should have a rough estimate of the carries they will consume on a daily basis. Consider the kind of terrain and the weight of any luggage when going camping. One’s aim will be to pack as light as possible, yet ensuring their absolute safety. However, do not skip on any food and take a certain amount of reserves in case things go wrong.

5. Nutrition

Your body is a temple, so treat it well and put the good stuff in it! Most camping meals should be based around protein-packed foods, allowing one to have a high level of energy throughout the day. If in doubt, check a protein foods list and look online for some healthy meal recipes. As you aim to use a lot of calories, plan healthy recipe ideas that exceed your normal calorie intake.

Healthy Foods?

Great Idea

As you prepare yourself up to the day of the trip, don’t forget about all-important healthy food recipes. Nutrition is just as important as the hike and adventure ahead, because, without the right food, there may be problems. Stay safe and stay hydrated. Have a great time!

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