5 Things You Are Doing Wrong with Your Contact Lens

Contact lens has not always been on the receiving end of the positive remarks when it comes to visual aid technology. This is primarily due to the surge in the number of people developing one or more types of eye-related problems due to contact lens usage. Now, the straightforward fact is, contact lens do possess a certain threat to cause an eye infection, at least more than the traditional eyeglasses.

However, over the years, many professional Ophthalmologists, as well as various optometric associations, have openly stated that the major proportion of all the eye infections occur simply due to human carelessness. It is, therefore, of extreme significance that you identify some of the most common things you do that are putting your eye health at risk. Keeping your eyes healthy is so important to living a happy and healthy life. We only have one set of eyes so we need to keep your eyes and vision health,. We can enhance our vision with healthy organic foods and proper especially if we wear contact lens.

1. Wearing a contact lens without washing hands

People seem to just pop in or remove their contact lens whenever they feel like it. You may think that’s not a relevant issue as long as you’re doing it right. However, one of the most crucial elements in initializing your eye infection is through bacteria and germs. Where do all that germs come from? If you got the answer, you’re a genius!

There are various hand lotions and non-cosmetic hand soaps designed specifically to reduce the number of bacteria in your hands. Use those products to wash your hands thoroughly and dry them properly prior to handling your contact lens.

2. Continue wearing lens even after you feel irritated

Our human body has several mechanisms through which they communicate with us to indicate that something is “undesirable.” If your eyes feel irritated, itchy, or just simply uncomfortable when you wear your lens, that’s a clear sign that you should stop wearing it. People who continue wearing lens even after such disturbance obviously gets tempted to rub their eye, which is a very stupid thing to do when wearing contacts.

3. Using tap water or spit to “clean” the lens

The solution that you usually get for cleaning your contact lens is not just any ordinary liquid solution. The solution contains chemicals that are designed specifically to act as a rinsing/ cleansing agent for your lens. Tap water, on the other hand, is full of unseen germs and bacteria. People also put the contact lens in their mouth for cleaning/ wetting, which is again another crucial aspect that ruins the integrity of your contact lens.

Make your own healthy and natural alternative DIY Contact Solution:

  1. Put one cup of water and ½ teaspoon of salt into the pot with the lid on.
  2. Boil for 15 minutes making sure you keep the lid on.
  3. Set the pan aside until cooled to a room temperature.
  4. Carefully pour the (normal saline) salt and water from the pan into the jar or bottle.
  5. Put the lid on and cap tightly.

This solution is not recommended to use daily since it could make your contact lens too dry.  Check with your eye doctor on how often you should use these homemade saline solution and ask them about some other safe, natural, and healthy brands or solutions to avoid some harmful chemicals in some commercial brands that can be harmful to some individuals. Keep  keep your eyes healthy.

4. Mixing up contact lens

Most people do think mixing up the lens isn’t a big of a deal. After all, how much of a difference can your right and left eye make, right? Well, apparently, a lot! Mixing up your lens can lead to massive eye health consequences. Hence, it is always a good option to prevent mixing up the lens. The best way to do that is to always put or remove your right eye lens first, and then deal with the other side.

5. Wearing contacts while sleeping

Wearing eye contacts while sleeping accounts for almost 80% of the total eye infections. Some people do this out of carelessness, some do it out of laziness, while the rest does it because their contact lens manufacturer says it’s ok. No matter what the reason may be, wearing contact lens to bed is a big NO.

The health complications due to contact lens may be present, but, the majority of all that is attributed to the sheer human carelessness. As long as you take all the precautionary steps, they are simple and the most logical alternative to eyeglasses. You can buy contact lens from various online websites or simply consult your ophthalmologists and start wearing one today.

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