How You Can Keep Your Garden More Organic and Beautiful with These 5 Steps

Backyards are a beautiful canvas to paint your heart out. And if you want the garden of your dreams, gorgeous and vibrantly clean, some extra effort is inevitable.

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A beautiful garden doesn’t need a lot of dollars as it needs love, care, and attention. A well-maintained garden provides you with an awesome place to hang out with family and cuts down on your errands to the farmers market.

When you grow your own food, you get to know what goes into your system. Store bought fruits and veggies reek of pesticides and fertilizers. So why not have a small patch of cherry tomatoes in your garden? Instead of buying a basket full of seasonings, why not have your own pot of basil?

So here are five easy yet effective ways to beautify your green space. Follow your imagination and these few steps to build the garden of your dreams.

1. Trim your grass the right way


Have a check on the length and density of your grass. If your grass gets too thick, nutrients and water won’t seep to the roots as effectively as they should. Poke holes in your garden from time to time, to allow air circulation and better absorption of nutrients. Tired of ugly brown spots in your garden? These might just need some extra water. When was the last time you checked your mower blades? Dull blades tend to tear the grass instead of giving them a clean cut. This allows water to leave the grass blades faster. Sharpen your mower blades at regular intervals for a healthy grass bed.

2. Raised garden beds

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A raised garden space is a great way to reduce weeding and add an aesthetic edge to your garden. Here is how you can build your own. Create a closed space with wooden slabs. The best part is you can pick your own design. Play with your imagination. Place cardboard along with a metal mesh at the bottom. Now fill the area with soil. Voila! Your bed is ready.
It not only looks clean and gorgeous but also reduces water waste and even helps in even absorption of nutrients.

3. Farmer’s market

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Say NO to fertilizers and chemicals. If you’re looking for seedlings, search for variants raised without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers market are a great place to look for clean, organically grown seedlings. Farmer markets house many native plants that are well suited to the locality. Ever heard of black gold? Compost otherwise called black gold benefits all gardens. It nourishes plants, increases water retention and is the most eco-friendly way of waste disposal. Contrary to popular belief, a properly maintained stack of compost wouldn’t smell at all.

4. Sheds with hanging baskets

Can’t get over the romantic era? Here is an idea that will take your garden back to the 1800s.

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If you have a limited garden space, hanging baskets are a great alternative to elaborate flower beds. The baskets are usually made of wire frame and have burlap like substance in them, that act as a growing medium for plants. Hang them over your porch or simply place them randomly in your garden space with the help of sheds, hanging baskets are an excellent addition to beautify your garden.

Christmas or Halloween, pair them with outdoor hanging lights and add an ethereal charm to your garden.

5. DIY Gazebos

A gazebo is a perfect piece of jewelry for your garden. Draped with ornate flowers, gazebos create whimsical relaxing space, giving your garden an otherworldly edge. Gazebos can fit into a variety of garden spaces, depending on your requirement and preference.

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For bigger gardens, an elegantly designed gazebo can add the right touch of ‘Victorian’, creating the perfect space to socialize and unwind. For small cozy gardens, an oriental gazebo can be beautifully exquisite yet essentially minimalist. Thanks to its wide variety of shapes, structure, and materials, you can choose one that best suits your taste and budget. One smart yet beautiful way to design a gazebo is to let the wilderness take over it. Besides hanging baskets, creepers and wildflowers gazebos are great for growing plants and vegetables that do not need a lot of sunlight.

There are numerous ways in which you can transform your green space into an enchanted land. Make your outdoor space relaxing and luxurious. Too many furnishings can actually make your garden look constricted and contrived. Small, random additions will do the trick. Rustic old lanterns, old broken pots oozing out flowers, a few lanterns poking out of the trees, intertwining cobbled stone ways. These are the small things that add an element of mystery and grandeur even the smallest of the landscape. A garden without animals is half bereaved of its beauty. A small birdbath placed under a shed is yet another cute and classy addition.

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”

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