6 Outdoor Lighting Improvements for Your Home

Properly lighting your outdoor space is one of the things that you can be proud of since it not only makes your home more beautiful but also safer. There are different high quality and unique lights that you can use, such as mini pendant lights to achieve that. In this article, we will look at six ways you can use to improve the outdoor lighting of your home.

1. Floor Lamps

Using floor lamps is great as it helps you to maximize height when you don’t have a lot of square footage. Floor lamps can be beneficial, especially if your backyard isn’t that big as it can provide your outdoor with enough light without needing a lot of floor space to sit on.

So, which is the best floor lamp to use?

The best floor lamp to choose should be one that can multitask. What this means is that you should go for lamps that comprise of task lights and tabletop spaces. Getting a floor lamp with such features will enable you to maximize the lighting effectively.

You can also use tall floor lamps as they can be the best choice when you need the light to reach every corner, especially at night. So, having floor lamps outside your house can help you ensure that there’s enough light that gets to every corner easily hence leaving no place dark.

2. Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is no longer primarily meant for indoor use anymore. You can also use it creatively outside your house and make it look stunning. Adding a chandelier to your statement lighting can help you make your outdoor space even more dramatic. You can also go for a more natural look by wrapping some fairy lights on wicker orbs or anything that can bring more life to your outdoor. Doing so helps to make your backyard look more appealing and seem like an extension of your indoor decor.

3. Stair Lighting

Lighting your stairs can be a great idea to make your outdoor look more attractive as it provides more beautiful focal points and illumination to your garden stairways, patios, and decks. To have the best stair lighting, ensure you locate your lights near your stairs. Also, the lights you use need to be bright enough to light up your whole staircase. You can have a central main switch where you can switch your lights on and off, or you can have a remote control to make their use even easier. If you decide to use the central main switches, then you should place them indoors or in a room that is close to your staircase to make it easy to reach them.

4. String Lights


String lights can be the perfect go-to option, especially when you want to illuminate some drinks and food areas or just an open place where you love relaxing. You can make your string lights even more unique by wrapping them around some deck railings, trellises or even tree trunks as it makes them look dramatic. Adding some vintage flair to your string lights can also help a lot in making your outdoor space attractive.

Getting string lights about 33 feet will enable you to cover almost every part of your backyard if not all of it. Also, get about 100 bulbs to fill up your outdoor space, so there is enough light even when you want to host a party outside.

5. Lanterns

Using lanterns is among the most exciting methods every homeowner is using to illuminate their backyards. Most people are using lanterns in their wedding receptions, new year parties, dinners, among other occasions as it’s excellent in helping you create a relaxing environment, especially when you use them outdoors. Lanterns are available in different colors, shapes, and styles, which gives you a variety of options to choose from depending on your taste.

You can use lanterns to add more lighting to your balconies, terrace garden, lawn, backyard, and even staircases. The pattern you follow when arranging your lanterns depends on how you want your outdoor space to look. So, before selecting the lanterns, you plan to use, consider some factors such as their shapes, sizes, designs, and materials.

For designs, you can go for Moroccan, Victorian or Asian sets as they are the most popular at the moment. There are different shapes that you can choose from like round, square, oval, and cylindrical. For the material, chose a tough one, considering that your lanterns will be staying outside. Bronze, glass, nickel, or copper lanterns would be the best as their materials are resistant to different weather conditions.

6. Pathway Lighting

When trying to light up your outdoors, the pathway is one of the most primary areas that you shouldn’t leave out. Make sure there’s enough lighting in your walkway by installing some lighting such as bulbs. You can also be creative and come up with other ideas to make your pathway attractive. Doing so will help you see to it that both you and your guests get to the house easily even during the night.


As shown, there are several exciting ways you can use to improve the outdoor lighting of your home. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the ones you see fit and implement them. Also, make sure you get creative, so you can make your outdoor space look unique.

Another great and creative idea is using solar lighting to enhance your garden space and show off all your beautiful outdoor flowers and entertain without the worry of using too much electricity.

Do you have any tips or suggestion to share about outdoor lighting? If so please share them and your opinion in the comment section below.

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