Foods that Help You Get a Good Nights Sleep and Foods to Avoid!

how to get a good night sleep

When it comes to sleep, food is essential. With busy schedules piling up our days, it’s becoming harder and harder to cool our mind down for a good night’s rest when it’s time to hit the hay.

During the time when we start to unwind, it’s only natural to get a little hungry. Millions of people debate every night on whether or not they should head to the cupboard before the sack to grab a midnight snack. We’re here to say, go for it — with some restrictions.

The ideal food will increase blood flow and catalyze melatonin production in your body. And while there are many pills and medications to help with this, we’ve found a list of more natural and green-friendly options.

Luckily, nowadays, many of us have access to organic options when it comes to snacking — and this holds true for night time snacks. While you should avoid foods that are spicy or deep fried before bed, organic dark chocolate or organic raw honey with herbal tea can help you sleep well and spark some serious Z’s. In essence, these foods help replace sleeping aids and are completely natural.

When in doubt, use common sense! Foods that seem bad before bed, usually are. Caffeine-heavy or sugar loaded snacks will leave you worse for the wear tomorrow morning. Also, avoid any foods that you know spur heartburn. That said, there are many sustainable and healthy recipe options out there.

The best part? You don’t need to make a special list. Many pantry favorites can be eaten before bed, depending on your desired effect. Particularly popular options include organic almonds and hummus. Foods like this are major produces melatonin stimulates the body’s internal clock.

For a full list of go-to midnight munchies, check out this infographic by that shines a spotlight on 25 food that help you sleep.

Midnight Munchies

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  1. Very interesting. I wasn’t aware that certain foods helped us sleep! I was always told just to avoid cheese and ice-cream before bed and I’d be fine!

    1. HI Nyxie,
      Yes foods can affect your sleep, mood, almost anything in your body. Every one body is different but if you have sleep problems it is important that you take a look at some of these foods to see if they are causing you problems with sleep. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day.

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