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tips for healhty holiday eatingSince we are now into the holiday season many of us are going to parties where there are lots of unhealthy foods, sweets, and it seems like temptation is everywhere. What do we do to make sure that we can stay on the road to green and healthy living and still enjoy the special events since they only come around once a year? Well, I have a few tips for healthy holiday eating that can help you enjoy the holidays without depriving yourself.

Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating:

1. Never go to a Party Hungry — Many people have the misconception that if they plan ahead for holidays gatherings by restricting calories and what they eat by skipping meals for a couple of days before a party that will help, but that is so wrong. Our bodies unfortunately do not work like that. If we under eat it sets us up to over eat at the next meal. When we are hungrier than normal we tend to take larger portions and eat unhealthy foods and are defeating the purpose. Try eating normal meals regularly and before going to a party eat a healthy snack or small meal to prevent overeating. After all aren’t those yummy deserts with the cream cheese and pecan pies calling your name. If you’re not so hungry you wouldn’t hear them or at least you can take one piece and be able to make healthier, smarter choices such as eating some fresh fruits and hitting the veggie tray.

2. Slow Down For Heavens Sake — Chew each bit slowly and enjoy the tantalizing taste. It’s easy to get exciting and carried away when there is an abundance of delicious food right in front of us.  It has been said that when we can eat too fast we eat 2-3 times the amount than if we take our time.  Take small bites, set your silverware down between bites, try having an enjoyable conservation while your eating with your friends (but not about food) and you will tend to eat much less. It takes the stomach 15-20 minutes to let the brain know it is full.

3. Use Smaller Dishes — Might sound silly, but it works. We not only eat with our stomachs but with our eyes.  With a smaller plate that is full versa a larger plate we can fool our brains into thinking we’re eating more food. With a smaller plate it will take much smaller portions of food to fill it up, allowing us to feel satisfied with less food.

4. Offer to bring a Healthier Choice — Holidays get togethers are often filled with rich unhealthy foods that we don’t normally eat. Foods that are genetically modified and additives that are toxic to our bodies. The truth we just don’t know what we might be eating.  So why not try replacing salad oil in recipes with organic cold pressed coconut oil that taste wonderful in any recipe and is so much healthier. Try using organic stevia instead of Splenda that has some serious health risks.  Check our some “Sweet Alternatives!” for some healthy choices!  Try taking an organic fruit tray and/or veggie tray with a healthy dip.  Check out this healthy tasty dip Peanut Butter Yogurt Fruit Dip!

5. Control Your Environment — Don’t set next to the Uncle Tom who eats 3 pieces of pie and every dessert in site. Try to set next to someone like cousin Sue who is a slow eater and tends to make healthier choices. Make sure all the food is on the table or if buffet style make sure all food is set up. If you choose you food all at once and take the time to consider what you are eating you will tend to make healthier choices.

6. Be careful with beverages — Watch for the alcohol consumption. Alcohol is loaded with calories and grain that is so unhealthy. Alcohol has a way of confusing our thinking which includes lessen our ability to make healthy choices and induce overeating. Non alcoholic beverages can be full of toxin ingredients such as artificial dyes and coloring and processed sugars. Try drinking filtered water — it will wet your whistle, help fill your stomach, and help keep your body cleansed.

 Enjoy your holiday get togethers and parties whether they’re with family, friends, or co-workers, but don’t over indulge. Try to be sensible and make healthy choices because you have worked so hard at keeping your life green and healthy.

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