7 DIY Ideas for Landscaping with Recycled Materials

Are you a fan of cottage-style, old-fashioned yards? Do you have a lot of old items that are no longer needful? If so, consider incorporating those imperfect and worn antiques into your landscape. You will not only add a new character to your outdoor space but also personalize your household.

Here are a few ideas for DIY enthusiasts to landscape their garden and/or backyard with use of recycled items.

1. Glass Bottle Edger

If you have excess wine or beer bottles, of course empty ones, use them to create edges of some areas in your garden and save some money. For example, they can help you divide flower beds. Not only that this recycled edging looks great, but it’s also very functional.

2. Pallet Compost Bin

pallet compost bin


For this little project, you will need four pallets. Hold them together with a sturdy garden wire. You will also need pliers to get it twisted. There will be numerous gaps and that’s okay as compost needs a lot of air.

3. Bike Spoke Lattice

Don’t know what to do with bicycle tire rims? Fasten them together and build a circular lattice wall. You can either lean this structure against something or make it stand on its own with help of some rocks.

4. Can Houses for Birds

This DIY recycle idea is ideal for those having leftover paint as well as a couple of painted cans. All you need to do is hang the cans with a string or ribbon, glue on a small stick or peg for birds, and fill the cans with bread crumbs and/or seeds. As a result, you will have original backyard bird feeders.

5. Vintage Wagon Planter

DIY landscaping flower wagon

Wagons are ideal for large flower beds, as they give the special advantage of abundant space and portability. This is kind of like a portable garden in miniature. You can repaint them in vivid colors and make your outdoor space perkier or leave them plain for a more natural look.  This wagon was handmade from old scraps of wood. Your kids will like it for certain.

I planted this wagon with Creeping Jenny and different colors of verbena that look quite striking and eye-catching.

6. Queen Sized Garden

Here’s another original recycle solution for your flowers. This backyard design is truly fantastic. It takes up a lot of space though. With that in mind, make sure to set your old bed at an appropriate place and cover it with a natural cluster of foliage and flowers. Some additions such as a lantern light, bedside table, and ornaments will make it a more appealing garden idea.

7. Barrel Basket Planter

DIY flower barrel

There’s something charming about wooden barrels. Most people are impressed when coming across them. This is especially true when used for decorative purpose. Such a planter combines vibrant and bright flowers with a rustic feel, so it’s really hard not to notice it. That will certainly catch the attention of your neighbors and other people.

This old wooden barrel I have had for years in my garden and plant Sunpatiens that grow thrive and grow beautiful from early summer until the first hard frost.

You can also try some DIY recycled backyard furniture.

There a variety of landscaping tips these days. If you are a creative gardener who knows how to find a completely new use for old, worn items, these DIY landscaping ideas will surely come in handy. Make use of them to recycle and repurpose discarded materials. Turn your backyard into an architectural salvage where you’ll be spending your free time.

Do you have any tips or ideas for using recycling materials for garden landscaping – please them in comment section?

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6 thoughts on “7 DIY Ideas for Landscaping with Recycled Materials and Items”

  1. I love using old things in my garden – we have all sorts of containers for plants such as an old mop bucket and I used the broken clothes drier to grow cucumbers through this year. You just need a bit of imagination to see what new life can be given to old items. #GoingGreen

    1. Hi Rosie,
      I love using old things too. I love your ideas with the clothes line sounds very useful ways of reusing and not wasting any items. Thanks for hosting the #GoingGreen Linky. Always look forward to it every month. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

  2. I use 55 and 45-gallone food grade plastic barrels cut in half for inexpensive planters. Around here they cost about $25 and each barrel makes a large container for growing ornamentals and vegetables with plenty of soil for plants to thrive. – Margy

    1. HI Margy,
      That is a great idea – we have used food grade barrels plastic barrels and cut them in half to plant sweet potatoes in. Thanks for sharing. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thanks! Glad you liked my tips and I appreciate you spreading the word. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

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