7 Eco-Friendly and Organic Garden Tips to Make it Special

Don’t you want to have a special garden or backyard that is unique and eco-friendly? Of course you do! So when your planning your garden follow the these seven steps to make your garden and backyard a healthy space for the environment. Make your garden a place that you, your family and your guests will enjoy and want to spend countless hours enjoying each other company and feeling relaxed.

7 Eco-Friendly Tips to Make Your Organic garden special

1. Solar Based Lighting

A unique way to keep your organic garden beautiful and stunning at night is to use solar lighting that will illuminate and show the true beauty of your outdoor space. Since you are you using the power of the sun what could be more eco-friendly than solar lighting. You can purchase solar lighting on line or at your local hardware or garden center. Check out local yard sales and thrift shops to help you save money and reuse items that someone else didn’t need anymore.

2. Think Local Plants and Bushes

Make your garden with locally grown plants that are designed for your area or region. Instead of buying plants from different areas that require more sun or water than your region normally has use plants made for your particular area. They will get the required amount of sun and water that they need to survive and thrive.  These types of plants are environmentally conscious because they are ones that withstand the weather conditions of the area you live in.

Eco-Friendly organic backyard

Learn tips on how to make an wildlife friendly backyard and garden with local plants and bushes that will be environmentally friendly to humans and animals alike. What could be more special?

Try trading and sharing plants with your friends, neighbors, and family.  It will save you money and it is a great way to be eco-friendly and eco-conscious. I have exchanged and traded plants many times and normally they grow and thrive beautifully.

 3. Have a Rain Barrel or Water Retention System

A water retention system or rain barrel that captures the rainwater that naturally falls and you can reuse it to water your potted plants or other plants and you can even use it on your lawn. I know I use our rain barrel to water my window boxes and hanging plants that I have at my front door that are so inviting to guests and look beautiful. You can also use it if you have a water fountain or any kind of water feature in your garden.   Recycling rain water is definitely eco-friendly. It saves water whether you use public water or use well water and is also better for your plants

 4. Reuse and Recycle – Don’t be Wasteful

When planning your eco-friendly garden remember to never be wasteful. Always recycle and reuse everything you possible can.

  • Buy in bulk when you know you’ll need a lot of topsoil, mulch, compost, or other materials.   You can order from many garden centers a scoopful or whatever amount you need that will deliver right to your home. This avoids wasting and cutting back on plastic bags.
  • Use recycled coffee grounds for fertilizer that will enrich your soil.
  • Go to yard sales or thrift shops and check for unique planters and pots instead of buying new.
  • Reuse and recycle in every way you can. Reuse  you pots and trays from year to year to cut back on wasting plastic. What you can’t reuse make sure you recycle in some way.  I found some great ways to reuse pots and containers in this article.
  • Learn 15 of the greatest recycling garden tip from Organic Authority. I have these tips very helpful in my gardening ventures.

5. Composting


Composting is a great way to be eco-friendly to the environment and have a special organic garden.  Use organic garbage that can be composted.

Use items such as:

  • Food leftovers (no meat or fats)
  • Leaves
  • Mulch
  • Vegetable remains. peelings, and scraps (such as tops of carrots that you cut off or any other vegetable)
  • Fresh vegetables that can’t use to eat

Use any plants and even egg shells that will decay and are composted to use for fertilizer for your spring plants and flowers.  You can even use it to mulch if you like. It saves you money, is totally organic, and some of the best fertilizer you can use. For more information on what to compost please check out the do and don’t of composting.


6. Absolutely no Chemical Pesticides

No chemical pesticides is a must for an organic garden and to be environmetally-friendly and eco-friendly. By using no chemicals on the vegetables we eat or the flowers and plants we grow we saving our health, being eco-friendly to your garden, the local flora, and fauna.

Learn how to control pest the organic and natural way with DIY pest control. Check our 8 natural uses for baking soda in your garden for more ways to be eco-friendly and  still have a beautiful garden. There is no need for toxic chemicals that are harmful to our environment, humans and animals.

7. Hand-Powered Tools for your Yard Work

We certainly needs tools to keep our special garden looking its best and to keep the landscape well-maintained but to have our special garden and be eco-friendly we should be using hand powered or battery powered tools whenever possible. Try using human powered push lawn mower or a battery operated weed-wacker or trimmer. I use a battery operated trimmer that does many garden jobs for me very evidently and a long handled hand trimmer that I use to trim my roses and many other plants. These items do not consume energy and are good for the environment.

Wrapping it Up!

Through following these tips, you can help save energy, save our natural resources, and help make the world a little bit safer but still have you’re own lovely and inviting garden. There are so many ways that you can live eco-friendly, go green, save money, live sustainably in your garden and in many other ways if you only take the time and effort to do so.There are so many ways you can use solar lighting that can beautify your backyard and garden. Let you imagination be your guide and I am sure you can come up with many other ideas too. Having a rain barrel or some type of water retention system, planting unique plants that are suited to preform well in your area will help you have your dream garden that can be so much fun and so environmentally-friendly. Make your garden not only special for your enjoyment but special because it is eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly and good for the Earth.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips on how to make your dream garden, the green and eco-friendly please let your comment below.  I would love to hear what you have to think and hear your ideas!.

Do you have any tips or ideas that you would like share that have made your garden special? Please share them in the comments section below!

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