Most Effective Therapy of Steroids in Terms of Testosterone Replacement?


There are types of method that can be used to improve and maintain health. And this include using bioidentical hormone therapy.

The type of medical treatment uses synthetic hormones. This treatment may have a side effect to anyone who had undergone treatment or may have not any side effects at all. For you to know you have to try it, to find it out. However results may vary in case to case basis. It had been proven as well that synthetic hormones can cause cancer.

It has also a pros for bioidentical hormone therapy is that it has a health benefits when using a natural medication.

For short term, a low level of testosterone can cause problem in regards of energy, and sperm count and poor performance sexual ability as well. and for a long term it can cause blood circulation problems and that includes varicose veins, skin sensitivity and drop down of body systems since hormones, controls the function of human body.

As a result the hormonal imbalance can accelerate human aging! With a natural process it may delay or send back the negative effects of hormonal imbalance that may led to progeria.

Testosterone therapy in men

Can androgen replacement therapy cause anorgasmia in Men?

Not having ejaculation or low ejaculation volume has nothing to do with anorgasmia, inability to achieve orgasm doesn’t mean it cause with an androgen therapy. Since orgasm is a result of contraction between male and female that would give pleasure during activity. There might be some bodies that don’t have sperm cells however they still meet the climax during meeting.

Orgasmic dysfunction or a difficulty reaching orgasm may due to physical and psychological factors. For that, low testosterone can only results with the quantity of sperm ejaculated.

And so, anorgasmia idea has no context to deal with androgen replacement therapy.

Can testosterone cure depression?

Yes it does. Since the low level of testosterone can lead to depression where men can gets emotional and mentally drained. The only thing that cure the depression is by knowing the cause of it, and that is low production of testosterone, with a proper treatment and medication using the Testosterone replacement method. Some men, would take antidepressants given by their physician however it will not help solve the problem since the only thing that would help them is this TRT method.

For me, instead of giving the elder an antidepressant that has a side-effects, it would be better to give them the trial of TRT. With a month of TRT method and still the problem remains the same. By then, antidepressant will be considered.

Would love to know your thoughts!

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