Plant Symbolism: Find Your Plant Persona – What is the Best for Your Living Space

There is no limit to the great benefits that plants bring into your living space. Houseplants provide joy, peace of mind, increased productivity and physical health benefits like air purification. If you needed any more convincing, check out a plant’s unique symbolism to see the great characteristics and personality traits they bring to a living space and for health and wellness!

Plant Symbolism

Plant symbolism is determined by a plant’s origin, historical/cultural significance, care requirements, appearance, color and any other unique characteristics. You can use plant symbolism to find the houseplant that perfectly matches your persona or inspires you. Every time you see the plant it will subtly remind you of the symbolism it represents. These goals can be driven by health, family, career, and even your love of the environment. See some examples of the most popular houseplants and their symbolism below.

The philodendron has a literal meaning that translates to “love of nature.” It is the perfect reminder of how we are interconnected to nature and that we have a large role to play in its preservation. It’s perfect for someone who is eco-conscious or a plant/nature lover.

If your focus is to improve your well-being, a bonsai tree is an ideal choice. They symbolize harmony and wisdom and tending to them has a meditative, healing effect and helps you clear your mind. It’s also a perfect gift for someone who needs is high-strung and needs to relax.

Pothos plants symbolize perseverance and longing and are well-suited for someone determined to follow their dreams. You hang a pothos in your room, that way, it’ll inspire you and serve as a reminder to always reach for new heights in life.

Succulents are a great gift for a close friend as they represent loyalty and endurance. Gifting a succulent shows someone you trust them and you’ll always be there for them. Gift yourself with a succulent to remind yourself of your resilience and strength.

If you’re entering a new chapter in your life, lucky bamboo serves as a symbol of good fortune and longevity. Place this plant in your room for good luck and to represent your fresh outlook.

Check out this plant symbolism guide, courtesy of ProFlowers to find your perfect fit!

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