7 Monthly Bills You Can Save Money On

Though saving money comes naturally to some, it can be a much more challenging feat for others. One way to save at home and be more self-sufficient is to cut down on monthly bills or eliminate them altogether. Here are seven monthly bills you could be saving on.

Ways to Save Money

1. Electricity

Cooling and heating are two of the biggest contributors to your electricity bill. Swap your home thermostat for a smart or programmable thermostat—these devices will allow you to adjust temperatures when you’re asleep or away, saving energy in the process. Another way to save on your energy bill is to swap out all of the incandescent lights in your home for LED lights. These efficient lights, especially ones that are ENERGY STAR certified, use less energy and last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs.

2. Water

Here are some practical ways you can reduce your water bill each month and save money in the process:

  • Fix toilet leaks—One of the most common causes of a high water bill is a constantly running toilet. Address toilet leaks (and any other leaks, for that matter) as soon as possible.
  • Run full loads of dishes and clothes—This reduces the number of times you need to run each appliance.
    Cut down on time in the shower—By reducing your shower time by just four minutes, you can save almost 4,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Use your dishwasher—Hand-washing dishes can use up more water than running a load through the dishwasher. As a general rule of thumb, if it takes you more than three minutes to wash dishes, you’re better off using a dishwasher.

3. Cable

Cable bills can be expensive, ranging between $85 and $100 a month—for single-family homes, this cost can easily be cut and better allocated (this is especially true if you watch TV only a few times a month). Cancel your cable bill and opt for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. These services cost around $10 a month and can be streamed from your computer or smartphone. You could also opt for a service like Sling TV that lets you pick your channel lineup and personalize your TV experience for as low as $25 a month.

4. Phone

You can save on your phone bill by reassessing your current plan and determining if you’re paying more than what you actually need. Invest in a family plan instead of an individual plan, use Wi-Fi when you can (this prevents data overages from adding up), and sign up for paperless billing. If you’re feeling really ambitious, want to go off the grid, or don’t have a need for a cell phone, you can ditch your phone and cut this bill entirely.

Tips to save money

5. Product insurance

If you have insurance plans for each major system and appliance, your month-over-month bills can slowly add up. Instead of paying for separate plans, invest in a comprehensive plan that covers multiple appliances and systems within your home. You could also take the preventative step of maintaining major systems, like your HVAC and plumbing, to keep your appliances in top shape and avoid the additional cost of product insurance.

6. Food

Food is another area where you can save a ton of money each month by slightly modifying your habits. Create a food budget and try to stick to it as best as you can. Buy in bulk, make a weekly meal plan, and get into the habit of cooking more meals at home or growing your own food to avoid high restaurant bills and creating food waste.

7. Miscellaneous monthly memberships

It’s a good idea to take a comprehensive look at all of your monthly bills and determine which expenses can be cut out entirely. For example, if you have a gym membership but only go once or twice a month, it’s probably safe to eliminate this membership and prioritize working out at home instead. The same goes for magazine or newspaper subscriptions. If you notice that your favorite magazines just sit in a pile by your door, cancel their subscriptions. Not only will this save you money, it will also cut down on paper waste.

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Do you have any suggestions that have helped you save money on monthly bills. Please share them in the comment section below.  After all we are all in this together and need to save all our resources we can.

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