Saving Energy with Garage Door Insulation

Home improvement is always something worth investing in when it comes to the safety of your home and property.  Home insulation is one of the most important things for every home which helps to regulate temperatures & save cost on your electricity bill. In fact, the garage is also a crucial part of your home and is easily overlooked when it comes to home insulation

Saving Energy with Insulating your garage

If your garage is attached to your home and they have at least one common wall, then it may seem like you are likely to lose heat during cold days. However, This can be avoided if your garage is properly insulated. Garage insulation can reduce the energy consumption by maintaining temperatures in the garage.

In this article, we’ll touch up on the basic information from how to install garage door insulation to the benefits that it provides.

Different Types Of Garage Insulation

The garage door insulation can definitely help your life by providing a stabilized temperature which helps to reduce the utility bills and also acts as the barrier to the street noise. When it comes to insulating the garage of your home, there are different types of garage insulation available and they are listed as below.

  • Batt insulation
  • Foam board insulation
  • Reflective insulation

The batt insulation is a highly flexible insulation kit made with light materials that are stuffed into the exterior walls.  These are commonly made from the fiberglass and also backed by the things like paper and foil so it acts as an air and vapor barrier.

The foam board insulation is the second type of insulation material in which polystyrene is used as the main insulator.  As far as thickness, the foam board insulation has the highest insulation value providing more insulation than batt.

Additionally, the reflective insulation is also highly effective in insulating your home as aluminium foil can be applied to one or both of the sides in the insulation materials mentioned above to give even more insulation power.

Tips To Insulate Your Garage

The first thing you have to do is gather all the garage materials for insulation as below.

  • Number of foil faced foam board sheets as you need
  • A knife or a utility blade
  • A measuring tape
  • After you have gathered all these things, you need to measure and cut the frame in the door.
  • Then, you need to add an inch of foil faced foam board into the rectangles.
  • As the same manner, you need to continue this process for the remaining panels in the garage door.

Tips to insulate your garage


Other Benefits Of Garage Insulation

Overall Temperature Regulation

It is very much essential to maintain a perfectly suitable temperature within garages and this is one of the leading reasons that Garage Door Insulation is in need of so badly. Insulated doors can also control temperature automatically so manual regulation is not needed, making this one less thing to worry about in regards to garage maintenance.

Humidity Regulation

Humidity level begin to increase within your garage space creating a suffocating environment that is very uncomfortable if you spend a lot of time in the garage. Insulated doors are highly useful in controlling both humidity level and temperature in an efficient manner so that these unwanted situations can be easily avoided.

Vehicle & Storage Protection

Vehicles that remain stored with the garages can be highly protected against environmental damages like tears, wears and many more. These damages might spoil the overall value of the vehicles and this is why insulated doors are the preferred option. On the other hand, extreme heat and moisture effects can also be prevented with the installation of these insulated doors in your garage.

Garage door insulation

Weather Protection

Temperature variations die to seasonable changes can be reduced to a greater extent by these insulated doors. When the weather is changing, the temperature is also changing simultaneously and this temperature variation might leads to the occurrence of condensation.

Condensation can be reduced with the installation of garage insulation panels that mechanically control temperature variations. Condensation means formation of small droplets and these droplets might lead to the destruction of any metallic surfaces such as car parts or anything else you metallic that is stored. Metallic parts often develop rust which results in the parts deteriorating slowly.

Summertime Protection

Excessive heat is not only unbearable for living beings but also for non-living materials. This is the reason during summer seasons when the heat increases in extreme level than insulated doors prevent heat from cropping up inside the garage which protects plastic and leather from different kinds of heat damages such as cracks, drying up and others.

Sealed Doors Means No Pests

If the garage doors are thoroughly weather sealed, then it will help from keeping the pest from entering your home through your garage.

It Helps With Odor

Unbearable odors from garage interiors can be easily removed and cleaned with these insulated doors. Fresh air will get circulated within the garage space all the time and the internal ambiance will remain cool and hygienic.

Is your garage insulated? If not maybe you should consider some of these useful tips above to help guide you on how to insulate your garage and the many benefits you will gain. Save energy and save money!

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