8 Top Benefits & Uses of Marjoram for Health, Skin & Hair

6 Top Benefits & Uses of Marjoram for Health, Skin & Hair

Regardless of your position on the healthy lifestyle campaign, there is no denying that its widespread influence has benefited the global population in many ways. A generic example can be found in the exploration of different food sources to determine their hidden benefits. Throughout the discovery stages, it is often that other unique characteristics are uncovered along the way. For instance, marjoram is a popular spice used in many cuisines. Other than being a vital entrant on healthy recipes, marjoram also possesses medicinal value and can be used as a source of fragrance too.


Marjoram is an aromatic herb that originated from Egypt and Arabia and widely known as Oregano. Marjoram can be extracted into different forms and used in a number of ways. It can be used in recipes, skin care products or even function as an essential oil. Listed below as some of the best benefits that marjoram has to offer in the health, skin and hair category

1. Antioxidant

When used as an ingredient in any delicious cuisine, marjoram displays antioxidant properties that is beneficial towards:

  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Other than added colorful flavor to the dish
  • It is also able to help regulate blood sugar level
  • Ease inflammation within the body
  • Help to calm the nervous system

While most chefs are aware of the health benefits of marjoram, public awareness was only raised when a 2010 report was released to highlight the extensive benefits of marjoram towards improving general health condition.

When used as an external treatment, the antioxidant properties of marjoram offer a whole new range of benefits. Most commercial cleansing products incorporate marjoram into their formulation process as it is an advocate of smooth skin and can also help to prevent the development of facial wrinkles. It can also help to cure acne prone skin, eczema and common skin rashes caused by allergies.

2. Analgesic

Marjoram oil helps to effectively manage the level of pain that are commonly associated with inflammation, fevers, headaches and even muscle aches. While marjoram oil is equally as effective as the painkillers available on the market, it holds a distinct advantage over these remedies as it does not cause any negative side effects.

3. Antispasmodic

One of the unique abilities that differentiates marjoram lies in it antispasmodic capability. When used as an essential oil, it can help to ease any type of spasms. More specifically, it has been widely accredited for its effectiveness in treating respiratory system, intestinal and muscular spasms. Other health benefits of this essential oil includes relieving pulled muscles and easing cramps.

4. Antiviral

The human body is constantly exposed to the elements of the environment and a weakened system would become susceptible to viruses and infections. A research conducted in 2011 recommended the use of marjoram as an adequate remedy for viruses due to the high amount of carvacrol content. Effective use of marjoram has been known to treat the common flu, mumps and measles.

5. Antibacterial

One of the most persuasive report about the antibacterial capabilities of marjoram was published in 2004. The experts carried out various testing phases and was able to conclusively recommend marjoram as an antibacterial agent. When marjoram agent was introduced to a field of bacteria, it was able to achieve a 100% elimination rate. This result positively indicates the effectiveness of marjoram to kill of any foodborne bacteria and suggests its suitability to help extend the shelf life of processed foods.

6. Vulnerary

Using marjoram to treat and promote fast healing wounds has been a tradition of the Turkish culture. As explained by a study conducted in 2011, using marjoram as a treatment for wounds helped to facilitate the healing process. Not only does the ingredient help to initiate the procedure, it further lends its influence throughout the whole healing experience, ensuring that the wound makes a full recovery.

7. Balance Skin Tone

Beauty enthusiasts might have noticed that marjoram is a common ingredient in most facial products. While it has been established that it contains high levels of antioxidants, it should also be pointed out that marjoram efficiently helps to balance skin tone as well. Skin care manufacturers that are able to formulate the essence of marjoram into their products enjoys a distinct advantage over their rivals as marjoram as possesses the ability to whiten the skin and help to improve dull complexion.

8. Cleansing Solution

When used as a hair rinse treatment, marjoram oil performs miracles that helps to substantially improve hair condition. As provided above, its antibacterial and fungicidal properties help to cleanse the hair and rid any impurities caused by the environment. Hair experts recommend applying marjoram oil directly to the scalp as it can help to treat any existing ailments such as dandruff and hair dryness. Additionally, rinsing the hair with marjoram provides vital nutrients and minerals, helping to rejuvenate the hair from its roots and emerge with a smooth texture. To fully experience the benefits of marjoram, it should be used as the final rinse and allowed to dry out naturally.


Traditional usage of marjoram has revolved around medicinal treatments and recipe ingredients. With the constant evolution of science, the global population have been privileged to discover that marjoram contains other hidden benefits that can effectively help to achieve better skin condition and improve hair structure. With such a comprehensive scope of advantages, you can easily find a useful method to include marjoram into your daily lifestyle and reap the rewards that accompanies this herb.




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  1. There are so much great properties in marjoram which can make it an effective remedy for health, skin and hair. I will try this ingredient. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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  2. Marjoram works also as a great antiseptic. I used it to heal the burn wound of hand and it is the best home remedy for every type of wounds.

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  3. so many great uses! I’ve also heard that it is a good essential oil to promote deep sleep

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      Yes is suppose to be good essential with numerous health benefits which promoting good quality sleep is one of them. Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Have a healthy happy blessed day! Marla

  4. I obviously need to incorporate more marjoram into my diet! I love fresh herbs, especially mint, basil, rosemary and thyme, but I have totally been neglecting this powerful marjoram herb. Thank you for sharing all of this great info!

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