Achoo! Banish Allergies from Your Home

Allergies can be a nightmare to deal with. Some will make your skin dry and itchy, while others might affect your breathing or irritate your eyes. As if having to be wary of allergies when you’re out and about isn’t bad enough, you also have to deal with them in your own home. Fortunately, your home is also the place that you have control over. You can choose how to reduce allergens in your home so that you can be happy and healthy. There are a few things that you might want to tackle if you want to make your home safer.


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Use Hypoallergenic Products

There are lots of products that are designed to be hypoallergenic, repelling allergens that could cause you irritation. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with your bed. A hypoallergenic mattress or mattress cover, as well as hypoallergenic pillows and bedding will help you to sleep better. You might also consider other products that you use, such as laundry detergent or toiletries. Could your laundry detergent be toxic  and causing your clothes to irritate you? Perhaps you can’t figure out what’s causing your dry skin, and it’s possible that it’s your shower gel. Choose your products carefully if you want to prevent allergies.

Remove Carpeting

Carpets aren’t great if you have allergies. Whether you have a dust mite allergy, pet allergy or even hayfever, carpets can harbor all sorts of allergens. Even if you vacuum regularly, it can be hard to keep it clean. If you currently have carpets, take a look at and consider switching to wood, tile or maybe vinyl floors and try to make sure they are eco-friendly. They’re easier to sweep and vacuum. If you must have carpet, keep it low pile or choose area rugs that you can easily remove and wash.


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Vacuum Regularly (With a Good Vacuum Cleaner)

Vacuuming your home regularly will help you to make sure allergens are removed. Try to do it at least once a week to get rid of dust and dirt. You should also make sure that your vacuum cleaner is doing a good job. If you want to keep things clean and tidy, your vacuum cleaner needs to be efficient. Get one with a HEPA filter that will filter particles from the air. Have a look at for some recommendations. Keep it running smoothly by emptying it regularly and checking for any blockages too. You might not notice when the suction power drops, but it can make a big difference.


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Reduce the Chances of Mold and Damp

Mold and damp can cause health problems that affect your skin and even cause breathing problems, especially if you have asthma. Too much moisture in your home can lead to these issues, so keeping it under control is important. Two key areas of your home to pay attention to are bathrooms and your kitchen. Installing extractor fans to remove excess moisture will help to prevent problems. You should also make sure to keep these rooms clean and ensure that places where moisture could get in are well sealed.

Deal with allergens in your home to make it healthier. Keeping things clean will help you keep allergens away.

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