Are You Using Water Wisely? Lawn Care Water Conservation Strategies to Consider

Water supply is largely dependent on several factors. Some of these include climate, geology, and pollution. In some areas, poverty, lack of pipelines, and over abstraction also affect water supply. That is why it has been drilled into humans to never be wasteful, to always find ways to conserve water.

In lawn care, there are several strategies that you can utilize in order to conserve water. Some are extremely simple, and others will require some home equipment upgrades. Check them out below.

Water Conservation

1. Improve Design

This strategy will work only if your lawn or landscaping is still a work in progress. If you don’t want to waste precious resources in the long run, consider improving your lawn design before you build.

For instance, think about limiting the turf area in your landscaping. You can opt for stone or other materials that will not demand too much water for maintenance. If you feel like you really need turf, opt for types that will not require too much water, such as bermuda or zoysia.

2. Enhance Soils

How much water your lawn needs also largely depends on the quality of your garden soils and lawn. One way to make sure that your plants are healthy is to add mulch so that they will be able to retain moisture better. Another is to keep mowing height at three inches or higher.

Of course, it is also imperative to use proper fertilizer to improve your lawn. If your lawn and plants are healthy, you will not be compelled to water often to keep them in great shape.

3. Capture Water

Efficient lawn care does not always mean relying on freshwater via irrigation. To conserve water, consider the many ways to capture and reuse it.

Find ways to store rainwater and use it to supply your irrigation sprinklers. Some types of paving will also allow runoff or gray water to pass through and rejuvenate the soil underneath them.

4. Irrigate Smarter

Another foolproof way to conserve water for lawn care is to have a good irrigation system like Netafim. Install a system that follows a sustainable method to water your lawn or plants.

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You can also utilize a system that is smart enough to detect rain or moisture. That system adjusts sprinklers accordingly, thereby contributing to more efficient use of water resources.

5. Plant Better

Your dreams of owning a garden with unique plants are likely in your way of conserving water. Forgo these dreams for now if you wish to be nicer to Mother Nature.

Consider native and drought-resistant plants instead. And when you start planting them, group them into water-use zones or according to their water needs. Doing this will result in a more efficient use of water.

Think Green

In this day and age of pressing climate issues, there is no reason to be wasteful when it comes to natural resources. Of course, this does not mean not having to enjoy a beautifully landscaped lawn!

You can bask in the beauty of your lawn and garden and help the planet at the same time. Keep the strategies above in mind, and you will be rewarded with a healthy conscience and lawn/garden.

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