Little Known Secrets About Teeth

They help you smile, speak and chew, but how much do you want to know about your teeth?

Here are a few of the “tooth truths” that will prove you that your teeth are really incredible.

unknown facts about teeth

Teeth tell tales

Research workers tell a whole lot about us just by analyzing the teeth, just like Orthodontist Normand Bach who is well versed in orthodontic studies and have years of experience in aligning and treating dental problems.

Have you ever realized that your teeth expose your age, what you drink and eat — even where on this planet you may have lived? Your teeth carry important signs about your overall health and fitness, such as cycles of illness or stress you have experienced.

In a nutshell, your teeth are a long-term record of your history.

People have been taking good care of their teeth for hundreds of years

Do you know the first toothbrushes were actually used by our forebears chewed on, using the frazzled ends to detoxify their teeth?

Around 6,000 B.C., the Egyptians preferred to use animal hooves and eggshells to clean their teeth. By the 18th century, a British creator had modified a design and style first observed in China – a navicular bone handle with boar bristles placed into tiny holes and secured with cord.

Contemporary toothbrushes with nylon material bristles found its way to the late nineteen thirties, and the very first electric powered toothbrush has been available since 1954.

The blueprint of your tooth exists since the day you’re born

When a newborn arrives, the crowns of the first twenty teeth are already in place under the gum line, waiting for the ideal time to break through – starting at some point between 3-6 months of age. Throughout years as a child, the roots and crowns of teeth are already developing under those baby tooth, holding out till it is time to start pushing them off the beaten track. Here’s one more interesting point: In 1950, the typical gift from the Tooth Fairy was just 30 cents.

Your every single tooth is one of a kind

Whether we are referring to the twenty “baby teeth” that work for us in early childhood or the thirty-two stable teeth we’ve in our adulthood, no 2 teeth are the same size and shape. Each and every tooth in our mouth features its own unique shape, and teeth also vary extensively from person to person. Therefore, our smiles really are a true sign of our personality!

Cleaning between the teeth is as important as cleaning the parts we see

When you brush, you will be able to reach the sides and tops of your teeth effortlessly. However, the areas between – which is considered to be an important part of your tooth enamel – need appropriate cleaning, too. This is the reason why it is advisable to clean between the teeth on a daily basis to get rid of bacteria and food leftovers and improve healthy gum area.
And don’t put aside your visit to the dental office on a regular basis for checkups and cleanings because you knew that your teeth are really amazing.

Another important step to having healthy teeth and gums is making sure you switch to eating organic foods and eating a nutritious healthy balanced diet. Not cleaning your teeth properly and thoroughly can lead to many other health problems and poor health. So clean those pearly whites daily with care and dedication. Live healthy and eat healthy!

Follow the above advice and you reap the rewards throughout your life in so many ways. Your health and well-being is making sure you have a healthy balance lifestyle that includes taking care of all aspects of your body including your teeth.

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