Best Beauty Care Methods Which Don’t Hurt the Environment!

We should protect the environment by all means for our own good hence the need to protect in big and small ways. There quite a number of ways that we can practice in order to protect it and one method is by using ‘good beauty practices’. Before buying any product, a thorough research should be done for the sake of a person’s health and the environment at large. Below is some great ways which we can use practically to keep the environment healthy, safe, and go green.

• Use of Aloe Vera

aloe vera for skincare

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant that is used for enhancing beauty and keeping the body healthy as well. It can be used for treating acne, treating sunburns and revamping a dry skin. One is required to apply a mask to the affected areas and allow it to stay for about 30 minutes before washing it off. It can also be used to treat minor skin burns by directly applying to the wound. The healing happens very fast. Aloe Vera is also used in treating itchy skins.

It is advisable to use Aloe Vera as one of the many ways of enhancing the beauty and ‘going green’. It is not known to have any side effect but one has to be extremely careful while choosing since some of the aloe species are poisonous.

Instead of opting to go for expensive beauty products that are known to pollute the environment, a person should first try Aloe Vera as a way of staying beautiful and keeping the environment clean. One can also plant it in a pot and keep it in the house instead of buying beauty products that are packed in containers which are also a hazard to the environment.

• Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y)

coconut oil DIY skincare


There are some beauty products that one can simply make at home. For example, one can use cucumber juice, tomato juice, avocado and yogurt to make a beauty face mask. They help to keep the face moisturized and smooth. They also make a person look younger and beautiful instead of buying expensive products that contain harmful chemicals.

A tired or a stressed person is usually betrayed by their face. You can treat that by making a mask out of strawberry and green tea and the results are amazing. Apply it on your skin for 10 minutes and rinse it off. It relaxes the skin and makes one look young and beautiful.

If your hair is weak and dry, you can whip a banana, avocado, coconut oil and almond oil to give it a good treat. Onion juice is also a wonderful way of treating hair.

• Eating well

organic healthy well balanced diet


A person who is conscious of their beauty should eat an healthy organic well-balanced diet. One should have in mind the food that keeps them beautiful. For example taking a lot of warm water, eating foods rich in vitamins like avocado, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, strawberry and sunflower seeds. For a healthier mind and body, exercise and enough sleep is crucial and it keeps one looking relaxed, less stressed and stunning.

• Use of Disposable Containers

Some companies have a policy of rewarding people for returning containers for re-use afterwards. This goes a long way in keeping the environment clean. Encourage recycling by buying items in big containers and emptying them into smaller containers in the house.

• Avoid use of face wipes

Face wipes are convenient and cheap but we ought to know that they are not environmental friendly. They contain chemicals that enable them to stay moist such as alcohol and parabens. Upon using them, you expose your skin to these chemicals making it dry and sometimes it may crack. They are also not environmental friendly since some of them have been made from non-biodegradable materials and they end up becoming an eyesore to the environment.

The alternative is to use coconut oil by applying on the face and using a piece of soft cloth to wipe it off.

• Use all Products to the last drop

All products starting from lotions, toothpaste and oils should not be wasted by leaving them in containers. One can invest in equipment that helps to drain all the content such as toothpaste and oil dispensers.

• Avoid Perfumes and Fragrances

Some of the chemicals that are used to manufacture perfumes and fragrance to make them smell good are a menace to the human body and to the environment. It is also advisable to research on companies that sell environmentally friendly beauty products. Encourage the use of fragrance-free products starting from soaps to lotions and oils.

• Epilator hair Removal methods

Epilating is the process of removing unwanted body hairs at the root or follicle level. An Epilator is as fast as shaving and you don’t have to wait for the hair to grow out like you do with waxing. Epilator hair removal methods are environmentally friendly since they can be used for many years, unlike razors.

Hair epilating removal methods are better than waxing because they do not require any prior preparation as compared to waxing. Epilators come in different sizes and designs and they are very easy to use.

• “Green Companies”

There are a number of companies that have sort to manufacture only beauty products that are environmentally friendly. They consider testing their products on animals as cruel and have sort alternative means of conducting experiments for their products. They have gone ahead to create awareness on ways of ‘going green’. They have publicized themselves since they are people who are very keen on buying their products from such companies. Many animals have died as a result of companies sampling products on them.


Just like the way we chose healthy foods for our bodies, we should do also be selective on the beauty products we use on our bodies and the impact they have on the environment. Always choose products that have degradable or recyclable containers and avoid fragrances as they may be harmful to the body and the environment.

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