Marijuana Plant Laws You Should Know

The news that pot is increasingly becoming legal in most states has many people excited including those that are smokers. Marijuana or cannabis has amazing healing powers and health benefits that can be extremely beneficial in so many ailments. But before you consider using Medical Marijuana it is extremely important that you know the legal laws of your state. Does it mean that you can grow weed on your apartment building balcony with the best led grow light without getting whisked away by the men and women in blue? It depends on where you live! Some states you can grow it on your backyard while others you must have a Medical Marijuana card and go to a Medical Marijuana dispensary to purchase it.

Remember what they say about the law? That ignorance is no defense. But what does this have to do with cannabis plants? Well, everything. You cannot tell the arresting officer that you heard somewhere weed is now legal, and he is doing an injustice.

The best thing for you as an aspiring cannabis gardener is to know the laws well – it doesn’t cost you to be on the right side of the law. The following are some of the laws you should know before getting started.


Growing and Selling

To make your life much easier as a grower, you should strive to know your local state laws. The good news is that the federal government no longer challenges the state laws – that must mean something, is it? Well, it means that the federal agents cannot come for you if you are following the state laws to the letter.

Marijuana plant laws are different across states. In Colorado, you cannot have more than six plants and growing is only for consumption purposes. However, you can apply for a license if you feel six is too low a number.

There are three types of licenses you can apply in Washington DC. They are producer, processor and retailer licenses. The retailer license is held alone – you cannot additionally have a producer or retailer license. But it is possible to carry a retailer and producer license.

A business is not allowed to grow weed or even dispense it in Michigan. However, individuals can grow it for medical purposes as long they get the necessary registration.

If you feel that you possess a green thumb for pot – some of us have this nudge that we need to prove it exists – or your love for marijuana is so much that you need a few of your own plants and grow lights, then review your state laws thoroughly.

And can your landlord be a killjoy when it comes to cannabis? Well, under the state Department of Health, the landlord can actually ban possession and use of weed on their property.



The majority of states have joined the legalization bandwagon in one form or the other. But does that mean you can haul a truckload of weed across these states without a word from the boys in blue? To the contrary! You can actually serve some prison sentence and get hefty fines for transporting cannabis. But laws vary across states in that regard just the same way they do with planting.

You can carry small portions within state borders, but businesses may need at least one permit – sometimes like in the case of Washington. However, transportation of cannabis is heavily scrutinized. You must register the amount you are carrying, weight and even the name of the driver when transporting weed.

Medical Marijuana also known as Cannabis can be a wonderful tool for many conditions, but before you venture into any form of it whether smoking or using it in a vaporizer make sure you know your state laws and obey them to keep yourself safe and healthy. Be respectful of the privilege that we have gained in the last decade to be able to use cannabis for its healing properties.

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