It’s Easy to Make Your Own THC Vape Juice

THC vape juice may be the simplest way to vape cannabis. It’s not only better than pre-filled vape cartridges you find in dispensaries, but it is also cheaper and far better to make your own batch at home. With very little effort, you can create a custom blended THC vape juice using the concentrate of the choice of yours.

Any concentrate that doesn’t contain any plant material will work. That means shatter, budder, crumble, rosin, and honey oil. Concentrates like hash and bubble hash are unfortunately not a candidate for this method.

That still leaves plenty of choice for vapers, however. It’s easier to make your own THC vape juice than you think.

How to make your own vape juice

What Really Is THC Vape Juice, Anyway?

Vaping revolutionized smoking and it’s now doing exactly the same for marijuana users. Cannabis vape juice works in any vape. They’re a liquefied form of your preferred marijuana concentrate.

This type of THC vape juice blend works in any vape or mod, including popular pod systems. They’re precisely just like the nicotine vape juices you see everywhere. Except, with Wax Liquidizer, you have to add your own cannabis to the vape juice base solution.

That takes any chemistry out of the equation and delivers a very stable product just waiting for you to infuse it with wax or shatter.

Making Your Own THC Vape Juice Beats Other Options

Of course, it’s possible to run off to your local dispensary, pay an astronomical price for a vape cartridge and start vaping now. The problems are numerous, however. This is actually more of a hassle than just making your own.

To begin with, it just recently came to light that a lot of the pre-filled vape cartridges at dispensaries are low, questionable quality. They don’t work consistently well, don’t have advanced temperature controls, are filled with questionable materials along with mystery concentrates, and offer little choice to consumers.

At first, you may think making your own THC vape juice will be time-consuming or complicated, but it’s actually easier than running to the dispensary several times a month.

Because you can mix up quite a large batch of THC vape juice at once and store it, refilling your cartridges whenever you want, you save time and gas by eliminating your trips to the dispensary.

Furthermore, you’ve a lot more control when you make own your custom juice mix. One of the most popular products on the market that turns concentrates into vape juice, has 6 flavors to choose from and gives directions that offer lots of customization.

Additionally, you can move on from the super basic vapes the dispensaries carry and choose the mod of your choice. With that comes temperature control if you want it, the color, size and feel you like best, and larger tank capacity. If you want to keep things super simple, just choose a pod-style vape or simpler set up.

THC Vape Juice Tutorial

Ready to make your own THC vape juice? You can have a batch in under 5 minutes.

Grab a bottle of and starter mix kit. It has a heatproof glass to mix in, a storage container for your excess juice, and a tool to measure and move your juice from one place to another. For instance, you gotta get it into your tank or storage bottle and this tool helps a lot with that.

By the way, the flavors include pineapple, strawberry, menthol, unflavored and more.

Wax Liquidizer ships fast and discreetly right to your door. But, while you wait, grab some concentrate so it’s ready to go when your shipment arrives.

Once all your supplies are on hand, mix 2ml of the liquidizer with a gram of the concentrate and warm the two to help combine them. there are microwave and stovetop directions on the website to help.

Now you’re ready to transfer this juice to your vape tank or storage bottle. It will stay stable for months, so no matter how much you vape, you’ll have a steady supply of THC juice on hand.

Astronomical Savings Making THC Vape Juice

You’re simply not going to believe how much you can save with that tiny bit of effort.

Most prefilled vape cartridges cost around $35 at the dispensary and only contain .5ml of juice. You can get a whole gram of concentrate for around that same price.

By mixing a minute amount (2mls) of Wax Liquidizer to that concentrate, you’ll net approximately 3 mls of high quality, customized THC vape juice. That’s like 6 of those pre-filed carts!

THC Vape Juice Is The Next Huge Trend

That really speaks for itself. All of the other benefits are gravy. The savings is enough to make most smart vapers log on to Wax Liquidizer as soon as they hear this news.

If you have questions when you get there, check out the incredible wealth of information about how the product works, what it’s made of, and how it can change your vape game.

Check out the many health benefits of medical marijuana and THC effects to the body – see how it can help you improve your health and well-being.

Happy saving!

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