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Yoga has much to offer in our rushed and hectic everyday lives. Probably more than we realize, we all go through our days holding tension and tightness in our bodies that we cannot seem to let go of. When we do this, our productivity is diminished and our health is compromised.

Yoga - Discover the Richness of Glo online classes

Let Yoga Lead the Way to a Peaceful, Focused Life

Practicing yoga may be the best thing we can do to reverse the destructive process of unrelenting stress and tension. Many of us feel that we do not have time to attend a yoga class, but we can carve out time to participate in an online yoga class in the privacy of our homes. Visiting is a great way to introduce ourselves to the many benefits of online yoga.

Glo is multi-faceted and features so much more than being an amazing yoga program. Pilates and meditation classes are available to provide a well-rounded online yoga and health-enhancing experience. From beginner to an experienced teacher, regardless of age, gender, social or economic status, Glo is a pathway to living a stronger, calmer, more centered life.

History of Yoga Class

Of the 270 courses offered as a supplement to Glo’s regular program membership, one is of particular interest to Yoga instructors looking to give their students a comprehensive understanding of yoga. The class consists of 30 chapters with videos and each has a discussion feature which allows for interaction between students and the instructor.

Anatomy of the Chakras Class

Though all of Yoga is concerned with strengthening and energizing the body, a study of the Chakras goes beyond the basics to explore what is called ‘the body beyond the body’. The energetic system that mobilizes each of us, also known as the Subtle Body, is the center of our being that can be accessed by yoga practices such as:

  • Meditation
  • Mudra
  • Asana
  • Pranayama

The chakras unleash our artistic creativity and our sense of mystery. In chakras, we can explore the restorative power of sounds to bring us into harmony with ourselves and the world.

Yoga online classes

Women’s Moon Circle Course

The Women’s Moon Circle course is reflective of the stages and cycles that define female life. It is a known fact that women have a natural lunar connection. This course can guide women in observing and aligning with the rhythms of nature in order to draw in dynamic lunar energy.

Lectures on meditation, chanting, journaling, asana, and feminine archetypes lead to greater creativity and enhanced powers of intuition. The practices learned in this course will help women align with the earth, with other women, and most of all with their own inborn womanly discernment. Lessons learned in the circle course will continue to be a source of inspiration and renewal through different phases of a woman’s life.

Study of the Art of Yoga Sequencing

Yoga instructors can learn new ways to implement yoga sequences to pass on to students to help them achieve their fitness goals. Through the video-based lectures, repeated practices, and supplemental exercises, instructors can create new, innovative sequences especially designed to meet their students’ individual needs. Each chapter includes sequencing templates that can be printed out and used to document unique and interesting sequences that will be easier to learn with the printed template.

All online yoga courses you register to become accessible to work through at your own convenience and can be completed according to your time schedule.

Glo’s Manifesto begins with a “VISION: A world in which we all live our true potential”. It closes with these words: “In yoga, we accept the invitation to live fully. Join us on this journey”.

Have you ever tried or do you presently practice yoga? Please leave your ideas and tips on the comment section section below.

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