Ideas to Make Your Living Room Warm and Welcoming

The style and decor of your living room is an important aspect of a home. A living room is where you have family get-togethers, a meeting with your friends or the place where you spend your quiet cozy evening with your favorite book. Whatever be the case, your living room needs to have an aesthetic look to make your time more pleasurable.

Ideas to Make Your Living Warm & Welcoming

Keep it soft toned

If you are afraid of bright, bold colors, keep it soft. Soft grey shade may be considered the dullest color ever, but gives a magical touch to your living room when blended with wooden furniture. Other decors like window treatments and drapes when chosen in white shades will bounce the light across the room and lend an airy spacious feel to your room. Paneled white walls with bright colored chairs and drapes is also a wonderful choice for people who don’t want their wall to be in bright bold colors. Felt wall panels get rid of the dull look from your walls and create a stylish fabulous accent wall design.

go green with plants

Go green

Keep plants and flowers to liven up your space. There are lots of indoor plants and shrubs available in the market. If you are not a person with a green thumb, then try easy to grow plants that take are almost impossible to kill and take very little care. Bringing nature indoors is great for helping your attitude and helps boost your mood. Or if all else fails you can try silk plants. They are  similar to the natural ones and you need not water it regularly. An occasional dusting will keep your plants fresh forever. You can use them either in abundance or in minimum numbers, both way your room will look fabulous. You can sense that calming vibe resonating within you when you look at these plants.

Comfy Furniture

There is no point in having chairs that are trendy but uncomfortable. Comfort comes first, especially when you are gonna spend hours together on those chairs, so opt for comfiest sofas and chairs. A velvet couch could make your living room the coziest place in your home. Intimate seating arrangement also lends a hand in making your room a cozy cottage. A corner couch will be trendy and make the best use of the corner space. If you love hosting parties, intimate seating arrangements will enable the guest to set into smaller groups and enjoy the party time.

Ideas to Make your living room warm and welcoming

Display Artwork

Don’t let your walls be dull and empty. Try hanging an oversized art piece on your wall just opposite to your sofa. Won’t it be great to sip your coffee while gazing at that stunning artwork? Not interested in artworks? You can try portraying your childhood memories in simple but bold frames. They are sure to take you to your childhood days. Mirrors can also act as wall art and create stunning visual effects simultaneously.

Turn your attention to the floor

Why let your walls have all the fun? A statement rug can make your floor look stunning. A bold rug can add pattern and character to your space. They usually define the seating area. Area rugs should be large enough to hold all the furniture. You can introduce a splash of color through these rugs but ensure it blends with the color and the style of your room. Choose a rug that will be soothing to your eyes as well as your feet.

A reading corner

If you adore reading books, then a bookshelf in your living area is a must. Try painting the bookshelf in your living room, especially when you have opted for soft colors for your walls. Let them be in bright colors, but not overpower the subtlety of the room. You can also use the bookshelf to showcase your medals and trophies. Instead of arranging the books vertically throughout your shelf, try having them in an alternate horizontal and vertical pattern.

Ideas to make your living warm and welcoming

Smart Lighting

If you have an abundance of natural light flowing into your room do not stop them by putting darkly shaded window drapes. If your room doesn’t get natural light to choose proper light fixtures to brighten up your space. Go for a single light fixture and then add in small fixtures across the room for uniform lighting throughout the room. Have a high ceiling, then a chandelier is a must. Choose an eye-catching chandelier that will make your guests go with wow when they look at your fifth wall. Proper lighting makes your room vibrant and you could feel the positive vibe when you step inside your living room.

Add a dash of color

Accentuate the windows with beautiful and appealing window drapes. Drapes can take the look of your room to another level or destroy the look of your room completely. Drapes are usually chosen to match the color of the furniture. You can try painting one wall in bold color while the other walls remain with softer shades.

ideas to make your living room warm and welcoming

Cozy Pillows and blankets.

Without these, your sofa will look empty, however luxurious your sofa might be. Pillows on your couch and a blanket will want you to lounge in your living room forever and ever. Who will not want that warm feeling of cuddling themselves with a pillow and a blanket while enjoying their favorite movie? Pillows and blankets can also be a smart way of adding a pop of color to your space.

A coffee table is essential furniture in your living room and will complete the look of your room. It will be the center of all entertaining activities and can hold some magazines for your guests to read. You need a place to rest your feet, put down your coffee mugs. After all, it is the place where you relax. Placing some natural or artificial flowers in an artistically designed vase will make your room lively and beautify your room further.

Felt Panels for the best sound experience

Felt wall panels and felt ceiling panels will make your living room a home theater and let you enjoy the acoustic effects to its fullest. Felt panels not only acts as a sound barrier, but will give that sense of luxury and comfort to your living room.

We tend to spend a lot of time in our living room. Time and money spent on making your space look great, functional and a healthy environment for your family are worthy. Follow these simple ideas to make your living room warm and welcoming.

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