Essential Contemporary Garden Design Ideas!

If you are thinking about how to design your courtyard, you might want to consider the concept of a contemporary eco-friendly garden. With their minimalist landscaping approach and the use of smooth materials, they are a popular modern solution. Their aesthetics make them particularly enticing, and they basically work as another room of your house. While you may think it’s a hard thing to accomplish, the truth is that you can do it if you put some work and effort into it. There are 6 essential design ideas for contempary gardens that you need to follow in order to make it work.

1. Focal point

In order to truly make the best out of your contemporary garden, you need to design it so that it has a focal point. It’s really one of the essential principles of design in general. The focal point needs to be the first thing that attracts the attention of the viewer, pushing less essential features aside. It could be almost anything, including items such as a waterfall, a sculpture, or a planter. When you think about its design, approach it as if you are a graphic designer – decide what it’s supposed to be about, and then add details to support it.

2. Hard landscaping

Hard landscaping is what commonly pieces the entire contemporary garden together, and it is unified by angular shapes. It includes stones, raised beds, water features and built-in planters which are implemented into its design next to wooden benches and rendered walls. One of the great aspects of a contemporary garden is great soil that is meant to grow strong plants that are good for the earth. This is also great for elevating the plants so that they can be seen better and make a statement.

3. Lighting

In order to truly make your garden be enticing, it is essential that you think about lighting. The basic idea is to make it come alive during night time. You can choose from various types of night lights, including lanterns, landscape lights, and floodlights. Try to implement solar and energy-saving lights that will enhance the natural beauty into your garden. The idea is to highlight particular areas of your garden with light frames. You can make the plants that you have chosen be particularly visible this way.

4. Low maintenance

One of the essential aspects of a contemporary garden is that it is low maintenance. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t actually take that much work to properly take care of it. One of the great elements is the self-irrigation system. This kind of garden includes self-watering planters with an automatic hose reel and raised beds. The plants that are implemented into the garden are commonly grasses. You will not see many contemporary gardens with flowers, due to the fact that the focus is on simple maintenance. Custom made planters keep the weed-proof matting covered in bark or gravel tightly in place.

5. Diverse heights

Another important thing is varying the heights of the landscape, so that every level has something to show off. The idea is to make it similar to an enticing natural landscape, with mountains in the distance and beautiful fields closer in sight. You don’t want to make your garden have a flat view. Diverse heights make it possible for you to see more and more of the garden’s elements as you look upwards or downwards. It’s all about drawing attention to various elements of your garden.

6. Enticing plants

Finally, it is essential that you choose the right plants for your garden. It’s a great idea to go for evergreen plants so that they are around throughout the entire year. A great evergreen grass idea is bamboo. It’s tall, and comes in variations. One of the interesting ones to consider is black bamboo. You can grow it in containers, partial shade, or in the sun. Rosemary is another plant to consider, with its aromatic leaves. It requires sunlight, so plant it in pots or beds. If you want to grow a tree, you can decide to go for the Japanese maple. It’s a small tree that you can plant both in a pot and in the ground. Its leaves come in bright red, lime green or deep bronze, and often change with the seasons.

In summation

Growing a contemporary garden is a popular and modern choice. The essential ideas include having a focal point, focusing on hard landscaping and low maintenance, installing great night lights, implementing varying heights, and growing enticing choice of plants. Make your contemporary garden eco-friendly, attractive and naturally inviting to your family and quests.

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