How to Make Fabulous Meals When You are Penniless!

So you want to make meals for your family and you want them to be tasty and healthy. This is something pretty much every parent wants to be able to do. Food is a necessity and we have to eat every day so you might as well make it as enjoyable as possible!  However, it is not always as easy as it sounds, especially when you are on a budget. In today’s economy, scraping for dimes is not an unheard concept. This is why saving money in every area of your life that you can is essential. The problem is, most times, cheap food is food that is not good for you. The last thing you want to do is give you kids and spouse chips and processed food just because that it all you can afford. So how do you feed your family a meal that is still good for them but also doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg? Try cookery books.

Now this might seem counterproductive at first. Why would buying a book help you with your expensive? Wouldn’t that just be you spending more money that you don’t have? These may be thoughts you have at first, however, once you get a cookbook, you will understand its importance as far as saving you cash. Look into best-selling cookbooks on booksiren. This site will help guide you to cookbooks that will help you save money by listing ingredients that you need to buy as well as specific cookbooks that are catered to help you make cheap but healthy meals.

List Ingredients

This may seem odd, but having a list of specific ingredients you need to buy can stop you from buying extra things you do not need which will help you save money in the long run. Staying organized with your food purchases can help you avoid throwing out food that has gone bad because you will use exactly what you bought at the store. You will not need to worry about whether or not you may need something for a meal. You will know because the cookbook told you so. This will save you the expenses of superfluous food and keep you on track at the store. Not only will you save money, but it will also save you time!

Specific Cookbooks

Another great way that cookbooks can save you money is that there are specific cookbooks created that are there to help you save money by showing you how to make specific food out of less ingredients or less expensive ingredients. These are your own personal guides to helping you live cheaply without feeding your family unhealthy foods that you would rather they did not eat.

Overall, bestselling cookbooks are a great way to help you live cheaply so you don’t have to scrounge together cash just to make a healthy but proper meal. Never again do you have to worry about feeding your family fast food for dinner when you have cookbooks that can help you afford tasty and healthy meals.



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  1. Anne In The Kitchen

    I use the idea of working from a list too. However, it’s a list of things I keep in my pantry. Thanks for sharing your inspiring ideas.

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thanks for reading my article and commenting. Glad you liked it and found my ideas inspiring. Have a healthy, happy, & blessed day!

  2. They look like some interesting cookbooks! Planning your meals and knowing what you will be cooking is definitely a money saver. Thanks for the interesting ideas!

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