Essential Oils: How They Can Benefit Your Daily Life & Keep You Healthy

When you think about rosemary, what do you think about? You might consider savory dishes in the kitchen such as a turkey. You might also have grown the plant, distinctive for its collection of very thin, spiky leaves. If you’ve grown it or bought it fresh, then you know if you run your hand along the plant and bring it to your nose, you’ll come away with a very distinctive smell that’s a little bit awakening. In fact, rosemary is known for its stimulating smell that’s strong but uplifting.

Benefits of essential oils

So that smell can also be distilled into something called essential oils. Essential oils are those smells, simply “captured” by extracting their oils and making them available for you to use, typically in a diffuser. And knowing what smells do what can help you put them to work while you’re at work to relieve stress, give you that lift, inspire your creativity, and more.

For example, consider another widely known flower, lavender. If you think of it, you might think of distinctive flavors in some baked dishes, such as lavender-infused bread. You might also envision rows of purple blooms in an envy-inducing locale such as the south of France. But extracted, lavender is useful at work for its relaxation benefits — great when you’re on a deadline or feel super stressed.

And if you get into essential oils, you might find yourself exposed to some scents and some plants that were once unfamiliar to you. Bergamot is a great example. It’s wonderful to turn your mood from negative to positive, and it’s got a bright, citrusy, clean smell to it. One thing to note about essential oils is that they can also be combined with other essential oils for a multiplier impact.

Ready to learn more about these? This graphic helps explain them for you.



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