5 Ways to Create a Peaceful Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of safety in a hectic world. It’s here that your mind and body fully relax so you can drift into unconsciousness. In many ways, it’s your oasis from the outside world. There are ways, both big and small, to create a peaceful space that you can’t wait to escape to.

1. Bring Plants Into the Bedroom

There’s no other way to put it; nature naturally calms the mind and body. Essentially, it has a restorative effect. A 2015 study found that spending time in a natural setting slows activity in the part of the brain where depressive thoughts begin. The study participants also reported spending less time thinking negatively about themselves and their circumstances after taking a walk outside.

Yet another study found that a short 40-second view of a natural setting was enough to restore the mind’s ability to concentrate and focus. While the study took place in an office setting, the restorative abilities of nature can help balance your mind and body after a stressful day.

You can create the same effect in your bedroom using houseplants. It doesn’t take a whole wall covered in them, though there are “green walls” out there that do this very thing. A plant on your nightstand or windowsill has the same organic shape, color, scent, and texture of the outdoors. Consequently, it can affect your body in the same way as a walk in the woods.

2. Color Your Bedroom with Nature

Colors have a psychological impact, and nature can help you here too. Have you ever noticed how hotels paint their rooms in muted browns, greens, and other natural tones? There’s a reason for that. The calming effects of nature can soothe the mind through color. Natural colors like cool blues and greens have been shown to extend sleep times. If you’re not ready to repaint the whole room, opt for an accent wall or furniture piece in an earthy beige or cool gray.

3. Bring Light Levels Down

The timing of your sleep cycle heavily depends on exposure to sunlight. However, in today’s world where electricity and electronic devices mean you can have light levels at full day brightness 24/7, the timing of your sleep cycle can be thrown off.

The biggest impact comes from blue spectrum light that can be emitted from televisions, laptops, and smartphones. Their light can push the start of your sleep cycle back to two to three hours. Start by turning these devices on night or night shift mode, changing the light spectrum from blue to red. Next, remove them from the bedroom where they won’t be a distraction.

Beyond devices, both natural and artificial light can enter your bedroom through windows. Blackout curtains, drapes, and blinds are simple solutions. If you want to get creative, you can do double layered curtains that allow light during the day but block it at night.

4. Add Natural Textures

Natural textures are as powerful as plants and color. There’s the obvious like wood frames, furniture, and artwork, especially those in a natural finish, but don’t overlook stone and brick. Deserts and rocky mountains are just as calming as a walk in a forest. Also consider all natural, organic cotton and linen bedding. They not only feel amazing against the skin but allow for maximum breathability. And, best of all, their texture gets softer with every washing.

5. Pick the Right Artwork

Art changes everything. For some, plants are an allergy issue. However, photos or paintings of trees, mountains, and landscapes have a similar psychological impact as the real thing and don’t cause breathing problems. You can also think of your accessories as artwork. Lamps, pillows, and throws are other places you can inspire the mind with nature while creating the comfort that allows your body to fully relax.


You don’t need to completely remodel to enjoy better sleep. It’s a matter of slowly adding elements that promote sleep but fit with your lifestyle and budget. When it’s time for new sheets, choose organic cotton for its natural texture or replace outdated paintings with a forest photo. Over time, you can create a bedroom where sleep comes quickly because you’re completely relaxed and at peace.

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