How to Help the Environment for National Biodiversity Day

As we’ve recently celebrated the Earth on the widely-known holiday, Earth Day, it’s important that we keep the earth-saving conversations going. Many times, people recognize the importance of Earth Day then go back to living their life, but in order to fully help the Earth, we have to keep building awareness. National Biodiversity Day is the perfect time to do this. As National Biodiversity Day is coming up on May 22nd, here are 4 ways we can continue to help the Earth and all it does for us.

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Organize an Event with Your Community

As many events are planned for the celebration of Earth Day, it only makes sense to keep this going and plan something special for the celebration of National Biodiversity Day. In order to get your community involved, ask your close family and friends to participate, including your co-workers. The events that you can organize can be wide-ranging. Something that gets people involved is organizing some kind of a donation event. Not only does this help prevent waste, but it also helps those in need. Another fun idea can be planting a local garden. This will give you the chance to enjoy fresh vegetables while also helping to reduce greenhouse gases produced.

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Educate Yourself

There are all kinds of ways that we can keep up with what’s happening to our climate. You can easily access information online or through other outlets. Many people turn to documentaries to educate themselves. Netflix documentary, Our Planet, was just released showcasing not only beautiful animals in their habitat but also how global warming is impacting both the animals and the health of the Earth.

If you want a more interactive way of educating yourself, take the time out of your weekend to go visit a local aquarium and/or zoo. Not only will this give you a chance to get a close-up of wild animals, but also absorb the information offered at each location.

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Invest in Natural Products

Using products with harmful chemicals is terrible for the environment. Adopting healthier products into your life will make a huge difference for both you and our planet. You can start doing so by using natural cleaning products, many of which you’ll find in your home already!

  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • lemons

These are all common household items that when used properly, can also help keep your home clean. Check the 9 Basic Ingredients to Clean Your home Naturally!

Another place where you can include natural products is through your beauty routine. The next time you’re on the hunt for more beauty products, opt for vegan options. You’ll find that there are a wide variety of vegan beauty products. Facial cream, sunscreen, concealer, etc. are all offered as vegan options. Simply using something such as vegan hair color can help reduce your carbon footprint while also helping to reduce the use of animal testing.

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Make Your Home Greener

The best thing we can do to help show awareness is to help instill change. This can be done easily within our home. Making changes within your home to make it greener is a great way to help the environment and live an eco-friendlier lifestyle. While there are many ways you can have an eco-friendlier home, one of the easiest ways is by reducing your use of electricity. Next time you’re lounging in your home, try to embrace natural lighting and unplug those electronics that aren’t in use. Doing so can make a world of a difference in saving electricity. If you’re looking for other ways that you can make your home greener, you can be more conscious about your use of water, install solar panels for electricity or even create your own composting bin.

What are some of your favorite ways to help the environment? Please share in the comment section below!


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  1. Bother – I missed National Biodiversity Day so I wonder of it was just in the US? These are great ideas for anyone on any day of they year though and perfect for adding to the #GoingGreen linky

    1. HI Rosie,
      Thanks for stopping by,commenting and for hosting the #GoingGreen Linky party. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

  2. Love community events – we have something here called ‘Stree Fest’ where neighbours get together and everyone brings something along – combining this with an environmental topic is a wonderful idea 🙂 #goinggreen

    1. Hi,
      That sounds like a lot of fun having a Stree Fest and if you did combine it with environmental topic think how much everyone could learn. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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