How to Choose Face-mask for you Oily Skin? Proven Tips for Men!

In life we don’t always get what we want. We get to have some and then we don’t get to have some; seems fair if you ask me. Having a balanced skin is one outcome many would love i.e. a skin that is not dry and is likewise not too oily. However, somehow we might find ourselves having an oily skin along the way and for some reason oily skin somewhat seems to be a factor among men. However, the case may be, getting a face-mask for your oily skin is one way of pampering yourself and controlling the oily emissions of your skin.

Due to their effectiveness, there are several face-mask recipes available today all with differing levels of effectiveness. In treating your oily skin, not all face-masks might be applicable to you; this explains why you need an expert guide in selecting the most appropriate face mask for you.

Here are a few proven tips for men in choosing a facemask which is effective for treating an oily skin:

Oily Skin Still Needs to Be Hydrated:

Obviously, when you have an oily skin, you are likely to overlook the importance of hydration due to the oily nature of the skin. However, oil is different from water. Every skin requires hydration and that includes the oily skin as well. In order to maintain proper hydration for an oily skin, choose a face-mask that helps to improve the hydration level of the skin.

Choose Facemask That Helps You to Deal With Your Blackheads:

As you might already know, oily skin predisposes the skin to the development of blackheads. Oily skin comes with some consequences and blackheads is one of them. There are many ways to treat blackheads but the easiest is the facemask technique. There are so many effective face-mask recipes to counter blackheads on the skin.

 Regular charcoal facial masks are effective for dealing with blackheads and other recipes such as:

  •  aloe vera facial masks
  •   coconut oil facial mask
  •  the egg white facial masks

are great for sucking out the blackheads from the skin.

Allows Nutrients to Seep Into the Skin:

Face mask helps to detoxify the skin. This essentially means that they help to decalogy the pores of the skin which is also an excretory organ for shedding impurities from the body. The effectiveness of a face mask is therefore predicated on its effectiveness in helping nutrients seep into the body. Hence in choosing a facial mask, check the materials used for the face-mask and the nutrients composed in them which can benefit your skin. Choose the ones with the most nutritious components.

Balance the Oils in Your Skin:

There are facial masks that might be great for every skin type however the best facial masks for an oily skin has to be those that helps to balance the oils in the skin.


  • You could choose a coconut oil based facial mask

as it helps to nourish the skin and helps in the production of collagen which helps the skin look smoother, fresher and ultimately more youthful.

Masks That Gently Remove Impurities and Dead Cells:

The skin is a very delicate organ. Therefore it is recommended that you select a facial mask that removes impurities and toxins from the skin and is likewise gentle and mild on it. Such a facial mask must be easy to remove and must not be irritable on the skin. The cells of the skin reproduce over time and as a result some skins die out while others are created. Hence an effective face-mask must be one that can exfoliate the skin to remove the dead cells from it and create a platform for the newly created and existing cells to thrive.

Moisturize Your Skin:

The main responsibility of a facial mask is to moisturize the skin. The skin by its very nature must be regularly moisturized. In choosing the best facial mask for an oily skin, check how effective it is in regards to moisturizing the skin. This should be a deciding factor in your selection. Gel masks are okay for use in this regard as they help enhance moisture content of the body.

Warm Up on the Skin, Giving Your Pores a Deep Cleanse:

The skin is the most exposed part of the body therefore it is guaranteed to gather up dirt’s and toxins on a daily basis. Some of these dirt’s and toxins may still linger on the body after bathing but they can be eliminated with an appropriate facial mask treatment.

  • Clay and charcoal facial masks are among the facial masks that you can try out for a deep cleansing of the skin.

Leaving You With a Fresh Glow:

What is the aim of going through a facial mask treatment? Depending on individual preference the reasons may vary but one common deciding factor for most facial mask treatments is to smoothen the skin and make it glow and look more youthful. Facial masks are great for the treatment or correction of skin problems such as acne and pimples. When the mask is done with the correction/elimination of these facial issues then the skin will look fresher and cleaner. Different face masks have different effect on the skin. Go for one that helps transform your skin and makes it glow.

For instance:

  • sandalwood 
  • and turmeric powder facial masks

helps the body glow.


Many people think that men don’t need to take special care of their face, but they do! With the harsh elimates of the weather and shaving men need as much care for their face as women if not more to keep their skin young and glowing. Now that you know how to choose a face mask for your man or yourself you have made the first important step to have healthy skin.  Follow these proven natural steps above and your oily skin will look great. Try some natural non-toxic ways to get rid of oily skin and eat a health wholesome diet filled with organic foods and make sure you include foods that improve your skin tone.

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