Facts about E-liquid that You Should Know!

E-Liquid, Vape Juice, E-Juice, is there a difference in the three? Not really. These refer to the same thing; basically a liquid substance that you add in a vaporizer, which is vaporized and passed into your lungs while vaping. E-liquids come in different types and carry different ingredients depending on the effect you want to achieve while using the liquid. Before you buy e-liquids, you need to understand the different categories and how they function to influence your feeling and satisfaction.

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Here are some facts about e-liquids that you should know about.

PG/VG, What’s Good for You?

The average e-juice contains these two ingredients, Propylene Glycol (PG), and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), that will determine your throat hit, and besides that, the concentrations of these elements could affect your experience. PG gives you more throat hit that is similar to what you get with the average cigarette, and its cloud is thinner and smaller. Many tobacco flavored e-liquids contain higher amounts of PG than VG. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) produces more vapor and a bigger cloud, and its hit is smoother, so it is used mostly in non-tobacco based flavors like fruit flavors.

PG Allergy

There are people who complain of allergic reactions when they use e-juices that contain high amounts of PG. The reaction is mostly manifested through a burning feeling in the throat while vaping, and one can also get headaches and chest tightness. If you are allergic, you should switch to e-liquids with a higher ratio of VG in your e-juices.

VG Effect On Coils

Vape juice that contains a lot of VG may require more cleaning due to the fact that it has more viscosity and may form a gunk, which then leads to a buildup. You need to observe regular cleaning if your e-liquid contains VG in plenty compared to PG.

Nicotine Content: How Much is Enough?

As you may have read from the best tobacco e-juice reviews, the point on nicotine content is given a lot emphasis, and for a good reason. If your main goal is to eliminate or find an healthier alternative to cigarettes with vaping then you should pay attention to get the right amount of nicotine. More nicotine means more throat hit.

Types of Nicotine

facts about e-liquids

The most common type of nicotine is the standard tobacco derived. There are also e-liquids that have nicotine salts, which are slowly getting into the market. Salts offer a few benefits including the fact you don’t need a powerful vape and the nicotine gets into your bloodstream faster. Salts also have a longer shelf life. Tobacco free nicotine does not contain any impurities that you will get in tobacco derived nicotine, and this means it is odorless and it improves the flavor of your e-juices. It offers you a good experience while also delivering nicotine. There are different sources of the nicotine and the most common is vegetables.

Flavors of e-liquids

E-liquids are also available in a wide variety of flavors ranging from vegetable flavors to fruit flavors. With more than 100 flavors in the market, you can pick a flavor that best matches with your taste. Strawberry and custard are some of the top flavors you can find, and if you would like to quit smoking, you will find tobacco flavors perfect for you. There are even alcoholic beverage flavors that are designed for people who would like to reduce intake of alcoholic drinks.

There are many facts about e-liquids that affect your experience while vaping. Some things you should look at while buying an e-liquid include the nicotine content and PG to VG ratio. Some people who are allergic to PC will find e-liquids with a high VG ratio better. Also choose a flavor that will optimize your experience for better results.

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