Gardening Tips: How to Grow Hydro in a Fish Tank?

A hydroponic system is the best alternative to the natural planting system as following the Hydroponic technique assist one to grow the hydro without the involvement of soil, dirt, filth, and unwanted germs. With the advancement in technologies, people can also avail the benefits of the Aquaponic system. The procedure and system of Aquaponic are almost similar to that of Hydroponic. However, the only difference between the two is that the plants are grown in a fish tank or an aquarium in the former whereas in the latter case, the herbs grow in a separate container. If you wish to utilize the Aquaponic system, then read the below-mentioned tips and find out how to grow hydro in a fish tank?

Generally, most of the people purchase the set of Aquaponic for a source DIY organic food and to ease the growth of herbs. However, if you desire to create the hydroponic system in a fish tank then what is better than setting up the system on your own? The Aquaponic system is not only limited to herbs instead you can also use it for vegetables. This system is a right fit for those having enough space in their kitchen in a counter.

Hydro Fish Tank

How to grow hydro in a fish tank – things required

  • Get a fish aquarium of 10-gallon, air bubbler, and air tubing.
  • Rockwool, air pump, and oasis cubes.
  • Best monofilament lines
  • Herbs and hydroponics to be grown
  • Polystyrene board.

The first step to growing hydro in a fish tank is to commence the plantation of the seeds in oasis cubes and do not position them in the tank unless they develop and become ready for the same. Basically, to find out whether the seeds are prepared for the fish tank, you just need to observe if they are sprouted.

Once they are sprouted, you can precede them to the polystyrene board.

1. Setting up the fish tank

Use a 10-gallon or other fish aquarium for herbs placement. Place the tank in such a way that the tank faces your window to get sunlight as the plants’ growth also depends on the light they receive. Alternatively, you can also position it beneath the light system if you don’t get sufficient room near the window. Fix the air pump, air-line tube, and air Wand bubbler to enable a regular flow of water.

Fill up the aquarium with water and place the hydros inside the tank. Make sure to put some wonderful fishes in it to make the fish tank look amazing. The essential thing to consider while placing the fish in the water is to avoid inserting any fertilizer, pesticides, or any other hazardous chemical in the tank as the fish would consume the same and discharge the nutrients combined with the waste in the water. Apart from this, it is advisable to buy no more than 5- 10 fish for the aquarium.
Another factor to consider before putting fish in a tank is to learn and go through the nitrogen cycle of the aquarium. Usually, in order to safeguard fish, people avoid adding the entire fish at one time. You are also required to modify the water as per the hydroponic system to ease the herbs growth.
You might also require getting a thermometer to compute and ascertain and maintain the water temperature.

2. Planting the hydro

Put in the Polystyrene board in the aquarium and cut tiny holes (for the insertion of seeds) each having a width of no more than 2 inches. Cut similar holes at a distance of 5 inches for diverse seeds. Make sure that you can grow only 6 seeds at a time. There also exist some boards that contain adequate room for the growth of 8-10 seeds at one time.

3. Maintaining the aquarium

Make sure to test the water by adding nutrient solution every after 1 week to ensure if the water is tidy and if the fish require changes in the same. However, if the same nutrient solution is used for the herbs rather than fish then pour out the water from the aquarium and wash it in each growing period.

This way you can grow the hydro in a fish tank on your own and place diverse fish in it.

Have you ever tried Hydroponic or Aquaponics system? If so what was your experience?

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