Five Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Counter

The kitchen is one of the most sacred places in a home. It’s where delightful creations come to life, where good memories are made, and where the family comes together. There’s always something going on in the kitchen.

With all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to lose track of all the kitchen ware, food ingredients, and whatnots. By the time things have settled down, there’s already a big mess on the counter. You have to take time to clean your kitchen and find a place for everything. Then another busy day comes, and the process repeats itself.

Save yourself the troublesome cleanup, and follow these hacks to organize your kitchen counter.



Embrace Vertical Storage

Cookware, baking supplies, food ingredients, and utensils can eat up a lot of space on your counter. However, you’ll have to take them out repeatedly if you store them away. You may not need your baking tools every time you cook, but it will be very convenient to have your spatulas and other kitchen ware within arm’s reach.

Solve this problem by installing hanging shelves, hooks, hangers, and even cabinets on the wall above, your counter, on the side, and even under. Vertical storage saves space, as well as makes cooking more convenient. Try out these crafty vertical storage ideas.

Repurpose Old Containers

If you’re in love with peanut butter and jelly, then you must have several jars lying around. Don’t throw them just yet! You can repurpose these containers to organize all your measuring spoons, herbs, spices, pasta, and other kitchen essentials. These jars can go to your vertical organizers for easy access.

It’s not just jars you can use. Bottles, tin cans, organizers, and so many other things can be repurposed to serve as containers. Just make sure to clean the old containers or recycled materials carefully to make sure that they’re safe to use as storage in the kitchen. Please check how and why to reduce toxic plastic in your kitchen for your health, your family health and the environment.

Declutter Your Counter

Ditch the fruit bowl. It will only take lots of space and storage. Why not make use of a tiered cake stand instead? Put the fruits on the lowest tier, and use the others to store condiments, spices, and other light kitchen items. It’s not just a convenient organizer; it can double up as an elegant piece to spice up your kitchen decor.

If you have guests coming around, you can use it to serve snacks or just place it on the island counter so anyone can just grab something when they’re feeling peckish.

DIY Your Organizers

Every kitchen is unique, so you may encounter problems finding the ideal organizers for your counter. This is where DIY comes in and saves the day. Making your own organizers is the best way to maximize your counter space.

You can create custom-fit containers, hangers, rack, and shelves and get rid of the hassle of looking for the perfect organizer. Plus, you don’t have to be limited to whatever colors and designs you can find in the department store. Check out these DIY organization hacks to optimize your kitchen space.

Clean as You Go

Having a system and a place for everything can help keep your counter space clutter-free, but it won’t do much if you don’t get into the habit of cleaning after yourself. Don’t wait until the mess piles up before you clean. As soon as you’re done using something, wash it and put it back in place.

If you’re cooking for a huge party, prepare trash bags or bins on hand so you can throw away boxes, peels, and wrappers while you’re cooking. This will lessen your work when it’s time to clean up.

You shouldn’t be the only one to do this. Everyone in the house should also observe the clean-as-you-go rule, well, except for the dog.

Final Words

An organized space encourages peace and concentration. In the kitchen, where a lot of frenzied cooking, baking, and food preparation happens, proper organization can save you a lot of time and energy, as well as stress.

Fortunately, it’s easy to keep this space orderly with the right organizers and system that’s tailor-fit to your kitchen and your usage of it. Just remember to clean as you go.

If you have any tips or ideas on organizing your kitchen that worked for you please share them in the comment section.

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