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Over the last couple of decades, a lot of countries have started to compete with one another to see who can create the most sustainable places. This had lead to loads of cities being hurled into positions of authority when it comes to the environment, while also giving governments and businesses as chance to test new technology which can improve the way the world is used. As a tourist, though, you’re probably not so worried about the long-term impact of this work. Instead, you will want to know which of the world’s green cities are the best to visit, and this post is here to help you out.


Singapore is a city-state which sits on Malaysia’s Southern border. Following independence from the British Empire, this slip of land was once a part of its northern neighbor. With ideological differences getting in the way, though, the countries split, resulting in Singapore becoming one of the best places to live throughout the world. When it comes to greenery, this small territory has plenty of it, but their commitment to the wild doesn’t stop with this.

In 2017, Singapore claimed to be working towards becoming the world leader in environmental conservation. With trees being planted, property development halting, and loads of other action being taken to reduce emissions and resource usage, they have already made some huge steps towards this big goal. Staying in a place like HDB Yishun is a great way to put yourself nice and close to the environmental action. As a big part of their efforts, Singapore is spearheading the idea of vertical gardens, with loads of their newest buildings being home to more plants than humans.


Having been at the heart of the industrial revolution, a lot of people ignore the UK when they think about green cities. In reality, though, England is home to some of the most forward-thinking places in the world when it comes to the environment, and a city like Bristol is a great example of this. Winning awards for being Europe’s Greenest City, along with numerous other achievements, the work being done to make this area better for the world is remarkable. Even the cars are starting to move towards electricity!

Of course, though, what exactly makes this city so good at keeping it green? Bristol has always been filled with open spaces, ranging from parks and fields to large valleys and gorges. Throughout the city, trees are a very common sight, and most people have at least one or two of them on their property. As part of their long-term goals towards environmental domination, Bristol is investing huge amounts into public transport to start reducing the number of vehicles on the roads.

San Francisco

There are very few places in the world which offer the same level of variety as San Francisco. Situated in the US state of California, a lot of people will best know this city for the sunshine which blesses it throughout the year. In a place like this, one of the biggest environmental issues you’ll find is waste. With so many people living and working there, huge amounts of packaging are used, and this makes it hard for the city to keep on top of this growing concern. Of course, along with this, San Francisco would also suffer with traffic-related environmental issues if no effort was made.

In this city, though, they are making an effort, and are one of America’s closest areas to achieving a zero-waste initiative. Using clever government schemes which benefit businesses, a lot of companies in this city have started to provide their food and drinks in containers which can be used time and time again. As a big part of this, a lot of San Francisco’s population is interested in the environment. This makes it easy for the local authorities to enforce new rules when it comes to the natural world.


Going back to Europe, it’s time to think about the Netherlands, and what they have to offer when it comes to greenery. Amsterdam is a very popular place for tourists, with stays in this old city costing far less than alternatives on other parts of the continent. As part of the country’s ethos, everyone is given the best chance they can at living a quality life. The natural world plays a large part in this, enabling people to see plants and animals which they would never see without travelling.

While it may not seem obvious, Amsterdam is the world’s leader when it comes to electric car refueling points, and most of them can be used for free. Along with this, recycling bins, rental bikes, and other public services have gone a long way to promote green living throughout the city. As more and more cars leave the road, room is made for options like electric busses. Of course, though, it will take many years for the whole place to switch, and you will still find a lot of cars on Amsterdam’s roads.


Along with being one of Europe’s most treasured jewels, Copenhagen, in Denmark, is quickly becoming one of the world’s leaders in renewable energy. With a lot of flat land, coupled with a relatively low population, this city is able to provide for itself like no other. It doesn’t stop with electricity, though, with Copenhagen taking water cleanliness to a whole new level, safeguarding the natural waterways they have linking the place together. This includes a system which can create public warnings when the pollution levels in the water are too high.

Achieving any sort of goal when it comes to renewable fuel is admirable, but Denmark has taken it a lot further. Copenhagen is home to over five and a half thousand windmills. While this fits the traditions and architecture in the country, it also provides over 10% of their electricity, putting them well on their way to be the first carbon-neutral country. Along with their waterways and green areas, this has created a very natural feel to this part of the world. As a big part of this, though, it will take some time before the whole place is following this pattern.

Finally, as the last thing to think about, it’s time to consider the work which countries have to do to stay environmentally friendly, along with the work being done to measure their success. In reality, there are loads of ways for a place to make their relationship with nature a better one, ranging from planting trees to finding new sources of fuel. To make sure that everyone is on the right track, an international metric, known as the Environmental Performance Index, is used to see how countries compare with one another. This sort of resource is excellent when it comes to showing governments that they need to make a change. Of course, though, it’s easy to promise a difference being made, and a lot of places are yet to show any real progress.


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With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to go out and explore some of the world’s greenest cities. Of course, when you want to get in touch with nature, you can often achieve your goals by going into the countryside. This won’t be as interesting as seeing a city, though, leaving you to see what nature does for itself, rather than what people are doing for nature, while also limiting the scope of your vacation. If you need further help with this, it will be worth doing some of your own research.

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