How Keto Diets Have Been Changing Lives

The keto diet has recently gained traction as its high protein, high fat and low carb recipes have become the mainstay of the health-conscious community. Diabetics have formed groups sharing diabetic friendly, keto recipes and triumphs everywhere.

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight or limit your sugar intake, there’s a lot of great keto recipes that can work for you. Consisting of lots of protein and high fat options, these recipes are built on meat, eggs, cheese, heavy creams and oils. But don’t forget, the diet is not high protein. To read more about the diet check out this guide before starting.


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Rules of Keto

In general, the keto plan requires a bit more forethought than other plans out there. Even on the go, salad ingredients are limited. Sticking to familiar recipes is a must.

Finding a keto friendly restaurant meal can be daunting. The general rule of the thumb is that no fruit is allowed, and only vegetables that grow above ground can be included in keto recipes.

Also, have the steak, bacon and eggs for breakfast, but avoid the pizza, the potatoes and the rice. When grocery shopping, check the labels, look for carbs. Are you counting the net carbs, aka carbs minus dietary fiber? That is important to know before you arrive at the store with your shopping list for these recipes.

Recipes Everywhere

The first weeks on keto can be challenging. Your body is essentially learning to use fat as its energy source instead of sugars. There is even a phenomenon referred to as the keto flu as your body works itself into ketosis.

But if you are a meat lover or you enjoy heavy sauces and cooking vegetables, sometimes ones you have never heard of, you’ll see Keto recipes can be a lot of fun – a new adventure!

At some point, many begin to miss bread and rice. Keto recipes such as cauliflower bread, grilled cheese, and chicken crusted pizza have been created to satisfy the craving. You can even now find frozen cauliflower rice in your local grocery store to make things convenient. Check some healthy Ketogenic snack recipes.

If you are just now getting started, find a Keto group on Facebook or visit which is full of detailed information about the health benefits of keto recipes. Diet Doctor also has a plethora of stand alone recipes for any occasion along with a simple to follow meal plan including a grocery list. Check out some

20 or 30 Carbs

There are two main factions within Keto in regards to carbs.

  • The stricter diet group limits the carbs one can consume in a day to 20. These keto recipes have NO bread, NO rice, NO fruit and limited vegetables.

There are several apps you can use to track your carb intake along with your protein and fat on your smartphone. Cronometer is one of them.


  • The other side allows a little more flexibility with the number of carbs you take in. This is primarily for those that either not diabetic or that are using the Keto diet plan to maintain, rather than lose, weight.


The Results

As with any diet or healthy lifestyle change, you should check with your medical professional and monitor your blood as you get started. Vitamin supplements protein powder and even intermittent fasting are all a part of the Keto plan.

You will find testimonials for both sides of the coin in regards to this adequate protein, high fat eating plan. In the end, you must do what works for your body. Google it, and find great keto recipes! Keto information is everywhere on the internet. Ask your social media world, or someone you know has tried, or is living it!

If you have any tips or ideas about the Keto diet you would like to share please leave them in the comments section.

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